A simple tool to check your site for broken links, media, iframes, stylesheets, scripts, forms or metadata.
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npm Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

A simple tool to check your site for broken links, media, iframes, stylesheets, scripts, forms or metadata. Will also test for images over 500kb.


  1. Install it: npm install -g poke-site
  2. Run it: poke <url> where is the base of the site you want to test
  3. Profit
  Usage: poke [options] <url>


    -V, --version               output the version number
    -r, --retry [value]         broken links are retried with new hostname
    -s, --shallow               do not check pages rooted outside of provided url
    -m, --max-img-size [value]  looks for images that are over this size in kb. Defaults to 500
    -q, --quiet                 Supress warnings and loading messages(for ci)
    -m, --method [head|post]    HTTP method used to check links, defaults to head
    --skip-images               Skip the image checks
    --skip-duplicates           Skip the duplicate page checks
    -h, --help                  output usage information

Sample Output

Sample Output

Usually you should run with the --shallow option, otherwise you might get into checking for broken links in twitter or another external site, which you may not want!



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