Ember Cli Form Data

Ember CLI addon that adds FormData file uploads to Ember Data
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Alternatives To Ember Cli Form Data
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This Ember-CLI addon adds file uploads through FormData to the Ember Data


ember install ember-cli-form-data


Add a file field on the model

// models/post.js

export default DS.Model.extend({
  attachment: DS.attr('file'),

Add the FormDataMixin to your post adapter. Run ember g adapter post if you don't have the adapter.

// adapters/post.js

import FormDataAdapterMixin from 'ember-cli-form-data/mixins/form-data-adapter';

export default ApplicationAdapter.extend(FormDataAdapterMixin, {
  // Adapter code

Then you can use an <input type='file' id='file-field'/> to send the attachment:

var file = document.getElementById('file-field').files[0];
model.set('attachment', file);

This will send the attachment and all other attributes as a FormData object.

Flatten FormData fields

Some api's desire the form data fields to not include the root object name. For example, the default adapter behavior would result in post[title] in your serialized data. If your api instead expects just title, add disableRoot: true to remove the model name from the fields.

Other Resources


This addon was inspired by Matt Beedle's blog post http://blog.mattbeedle.name/posts/file-uploads-in-ember-data/

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