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TypeORM mock unit testing examples with Jest and Mocha

Example how to mock TypeORM for your blazing unit tests with Mocha and Jest. It's a simple express server

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Run Mocha unit-tests

npm ci
npm run test:mocha

Run Jest unit-tests

npm run test:jest

Run e2e tests

docker-compose up -d
npm run test:e2e


Run express server after changes

npm start

Build express server

npm run build


Source code

class PostService {
  public getById(id: number): Promise<Post> {
    return this._findPostById(id)

  private _findPostById(id: number): Promise<Post> {
    return createQueryBuilder()
      .from(Post, 'post')
      .leftJoinAndSelect('post.images', 'image')
      .where(' = :id', { id })
      .orderBy({ image: 'ASC' })


describe('postService => getById', () => {
  it('getById method passed', async () => {
    typeorm.createQueryBuilder = jest.fn().mockReturnValue({
      select: jest.fn().mockReturnThis(),
      from: jest.fn().mockReturnThis(),
      leftJoinAndSelect: jest.fn().mockReturnThis(),
      where: jest.fn().mockReturnThis(),
      orderBy: jest.fn().mockReturnThis(),
      getOne: jest.fn().mockResolvedValue('0x0')
    const result = await postService.getById(


    const qBuilder = typeorm.createQueryBuilder()
    expect(, ['post'])
    expect(qBuilder.from).toHaveBeenNthCalledWith(1, Post, 'post')
    expect(qBuilder.leftJoinAndSelect).toHaveBeenNthCalledWith(1, 'post.images', 'image')
    expect(qBuilder.where).toHaveBeenNthCalledWith(1, ' = :id', { id: })
    expect(qBuilder.orderBy).toHaveBeenNthCalledWith(1, { image: 'ASC' })


describe('postService => getById', () => {
  let sandbox: SinonSandbox

  beforeEach(() => {
    sandbox = createSandbox()

  afterEach(() => {

  it('getById method passed', async () => {
    const fakeQueryBuilder = createStubInstance(typeorm.SelectQueryBuilder)['post']).returnsThis()
    fakeQueryBuilder.from.withArgs(Post, 'post').returnsThis()
    fakeQueryBuilder.leftJoinAndSelect.withArgs('post.images', 'image').returnsThis()
    fakeQueryBuilder.where.withArgs(' = :id', { id: }).returnsThis()
    fakeQueryBuilder.orderBy.withArgs({ image: 'ASC' }).returnsThis()

    sandbox.stub(typeorm, 'createQueryBuilder').returns(fakeQueryBuilder as any)

    const result = await postService.getById(
    assert.equal(result, '0x0')
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