Discord Mass Dm Go

The most powerful Discord selfbot written in GO allowing users to automate their campaigns & send low-cost mass messages to Discord users!
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Discord Mass DM GO

DMDGO is a Multi-threaded Discord Self-Bot primarily used for mass messaging users on Discord. It has numerous other quality features to enhance the user experience and allowing the user to target the most users.


Telegram Server for Support

Discord Community Server

Features :

Token Utilities

  • Avatar Changer
  • Username Changer
  • Hypesquad Changer
  • Bio Changer
  • Token Changer
  • Invite joiner (Single/Multi modes)
  • Guild Leaver
  • Token Onliner
  • Token Format Changer
  • Token Checker
  • Reaction Adder
  • Server Checker

Mass Messaging

  • Mass DM Advertisement
  • Single DM Spam
  • DM on React

Scraping Utilities

  • Opcode 14 Scraper (Memberlist scraper)
  • Opcode 8 Scraper (Bruteforce Scraper)
  • Reaction Scraper

Other Features

  • Multiple Captcha APIs supported
  • Supports token & email:pass:token formats
  • Compatible with all major OS and Architectures
  • Proxyless
  • Supports HTTP(s), SOCKS5 and SOCKS4 proxies
  • Free & Open source
  • Emulates Discord's requests to a very high accuracy to prevent detection
  • Highly Documented
  • Multi-threaded using Light-weight Goroutines supporting thousands of concurrent accounts
  • Can Receieve messages during mass DM
  • Can ping user
  • Can send embeds using 3rd Party APIs
  • Supports multiple messages



The automation of User Discord accounts also known as self-bots is a violation of Discord Terms of Service & Community guidelines and will result in your account(s) being terminated. Discretion is adviced. I will not be responsible for your actions. Read about Discord Terms Of service and Community Guidelines

Discord Mass DM GO (DMDGO) was written as a proof of concept that Discord accounts can be automated and can perform actions beyond the scope of regular Discord Users like sending Embeds so that Discord can make changes. The DMDGO authors are released of any liabilities which your usage may entail.

Tutorial / Showcase Video

DMDGO v1.7.0

Youtube - Click to play Click to play

DMDGO v1.5.0

Youtube - Click to play Click to play

Basic Usage

  1. Build from source or download a pre-built version for your OS & Arch from releases
  2. Run the program via the binary.
  3. Set your Config by modifying the config.yml file.
  4. If you already have memberids to DM, put them in \input\memberids.txt or obtain them from Scraping
  5. Put HTTP(s) Proxies in \input\proxies.txt if you enabled proxies in config. The format is IP:Port or User:pass@IP:Port if your proxies have a user-pass authentication.
  6. Enter your message(s) in message.json file. You can use this website to easily make JSON objects. However, if you do not want to/ are unable to format the file properly, you will have an option to input a simple message before mass DM-ing. Writing "<user>" without quotes anywhere in message content will ping the user to whom you're sending a message. Please make sure to use \n to change lines. You may pick an example message.json and build from it.

Building from source

  1. Download and install Golang and verify your installation
  2. Open a terminal window/ command prompt in the directory of the source code and type go build
  3. A binary compatible with your OS/Arch should be made. If there are some problems on MacOS/Linux with executing the binary as a program. You can run this command chmod +x ./discord-mass-dm-GO or go to properties -> permissions -> Allow executing file as program.

How to get help?

Read this documentation, try using Ctrl + F to find what you're looking for. Watch the tutorial video on YouTube. Other than that, feel free to make an issue or try asking on our Telegram Server


Name Type Description
direct_message_options DirectMessage Contains settings related to sending Direct messages to discord users.
proxy_settings ProxySettings Contains settings related to proxies.
scraper_settings ScraperSettings Contains settings related to scraping menu.
captcha_settings CaptchaSettings Contains settings related to captchas.
other_settings OtherSettings Contains miscellaneous settings and options.
suspicion_avoidance SuspicionAvoidance Contains settings related to appearing like an actual user.
dm_on_react DMonreact Contains settings for DM on react option.

DirectMessage Object

Name Type Recommended Value Description
individual_delay int 90 Duration in seconds between 2 consecutive Direct messages by one instance.
rate_limit_delay int 60 Duration in seconds instance sleeps for when Discord says "You're opening new direct messages too fast"
offset int 1000 uration in Milliseconds (1/1000th of a second) that the program waits in between of starting 2 instances. Perhaps one of the most important settings which is why it has it's own section. Recommended offset is (60/number of tokens) * 1000 but it does not matter with a few tokens and can be set to any small value.
skip_completed bool true Skip members who have already been DM'd from the input/completed.txt file
call bool false Call users after DM (Token needs to be friended to Ring)
remove_dead_tokens bool true Remove tokens which have died from input/tokens.txt once DMs are completed.
remove_completed_members bool true Remove members who have been DM'd from input/memberids.txt once DMs are completed
stop_dead_tokens bool true Stop using tokens which have been locked/disabled.
check_mutual bool false Check mutual servers and Username
friend_before_DM bool false Friend user before sending DM (Requires Check Mutual to get username and discriminator)
online_tokens bool false Websocket tokens and set their status to online while mass DMing
max_dms_per_token int 0 Stop tokens at a particular number of DMs. 0 for unlimited.
receive_messages bool false Receieve messages from the people your tokens are sending DMs to. They get saved to input/received.txt (Requires Online Tokens)
skip_failed bool true Skip members who have already been attempted to be DM'd but failed from the input/failed.txt file
block_after_dm bool false Block user after sending DM
close_dm_after_message bool false Close DM (Presses the X in front of the DM) after sending a message

ProxySettings Object

Name Type Recommended Value Description
proxy string "" Using rotating proxy in config like in DMDGO v1.6.0 and earlier. (Depracated, see proxy_from_file)
proxy_from_file bool true Load proxies from /input/proxies.txt and use them globally throughout the program. A proxy is binded to each instance at the beginning of any function and sticks with it throughout the process. There is no in-built proxy checker and it does not rotate proxies on it's own. Always use high quality static checked proxies.
proxy_for_captcha bool false Send proxy to captcha service to ensure that captcha is solved on the same IP address as the action taken on Discord (like joining server) to avoid detection. Each service has it's own documentation on what proxy is acceptable for them. Usually they don't support IP Authorization and disallow hostnames. You can ping your proxy hostname to resolve it's IP Address and use that
proxy_protocol string "http" Proxy protocol of your proxies, used for actions on Discord and sent to captcha APIs as well
gateway_proxy bool false use proxy for websocket functions. Same proxy is used as the one for other actions on Discord.
timeout int 60 Maximum time to wait before timing out incase of slow proxies or incase a proxy does not connect.

ScraperSettings Object

Name Type Recommended Value Description
online_scraper_delay int 1000-2000 Delay in milliseconds to sleep between 2 scrape requests in Opcode 8 and Opcode 14 Scrapers.
scrape_usernames bool false Scrape usernames and output them to input/names.txt while using Opcode 8 Scraper.
scrape_avatars bool false Scrape avatars and output them to input/pfps/ while using Opcode 8 Scraper.

CaptchaSettings Object

Name Type Recommended Value Description
captcha_api_key string "your_captcha_key" Your authentication key for the captcha solving service you set. if user authenticated then enter username and password in format user:pass or just put the key.
captcha_api string "anti-captcha.com" The captcha service you're using. Always check which ones are compatible before using one! Might need to use a different captcha provider if you're getting flagged or invalid solutions
mac_captcha_wait int 120 Maximum time to wait for the solution after submitting the captcha before cancelling the action and moving forward
max_captcha_retry_dm int 0 Maximum times to retry solving captcha if an unacceptable solution is returned (Implemented so people don't wipe out their balances) Keep 0 for unlimited
max_captcha_retry_invite int 3 Maximum times to retry joining server if met with captcha


Name Type Recommended Value Description
disable_keep_alives bool false Open a new underlying TCP connection for each request. Highly detectable. Always keep false. But helps to rotate a rotating proxy's IP on each request when set in environment using the depracated proxy field in ProxySettings object

SuspicionAvoidance Object

Name Type Recommended Value Description
random_individual_delay int 0 Random amount of time in seconds to be added to each individual delay
random_rate_limit_delay int 0 Random amount of time in seconds to be added to each rate limit delay
random_delay_before_dm int 0 Random amount of time in seconds to wait in between of opening a DM and sending a DM
typing bool false Show user as typing before sending a message
typing_variation int 250 random delay added in typing
typing_speed int 300 Speed in which the message is typed (Affects the overall time it takes to send the message, shorter messages will be sent quicker)
typing_base int 100 base delay in typing

DMonReact Object

Name Type Recommended Value Description
observer_token string "your token" A token which is present in the server where yo want to sniff reactions and send DMs. This token is only used for looking at the reacts, it's never used to send DMs.
change_name bool true An instance token changes name before sending DMs to people approved by observer token. Requires tokens in format email:pass:token
change_avatar bool true An instance token changes avatar before sending DMs to people apporved by observer token.
invite string "invite_to_server" Invite to the server where you're running DM on react, to join instances when they're needed so they don't get kicked. If not specified, the bot will assume the tokens are already present in the server
server_id string "server_id" Server ID where you're running the DM on react. If not specified, instances will try to send to every reaction sniffed by observer token. This is required for other things like checking if Token is in server or not, it's highly recommended you specify this field.
channel_id string "your_channelId" Channel ID where you want to send messages to reactions. If left blank, bot will send DMs to reacts in all channels in the server.
message_id string "your_messageId" Message ID of the message on which you want to send people DMs who react. If left blank, would send DMs to all messages in the channel.
emoji string "emojiname:id" The emoji when reacted with the message will be sent. Unicode emojis have to be entered just as the emoji. Example: "" (Don't worry if it appears as boxes on your machine) And for custom/nitro emojis you have to put emoji_name:emoji_id which you can get from the emoji's URL. If left blank, messages will be sent to every reaction on the message.
rotate_tokens bool true Re-uses tokens from a pool. Suppose if token was rate limited, it would be switched but later be returned to to be reused.
max_anti_raid_queue int 20 To ensure someone does not spam reactions to jam your bot and lock your instances, you can set the maximum queue size. Any reactions above this would be discarded. This will easily help bypass mass emoji reacts breaking the bot.
max_dms_per_token int 0 Maximum DMs you want your tokens to send. Set to 0 for unlimited.


Offset is a duration in milliseconds. As the name suggests this offsets or displaces the goroutines (threads) by a short period of time to ensure that all accounts don't start at the exact same second. What is the recommended offset? If you have less than 100 tokens or are using short individual delays, it does not matter. You can put any offset like 50-300. But if you are running a large number of tokens, you should set your individual and rate limit delays to 60 each or higher. Your offset will come with this formula - (individual delay/number of tokens) * 1000 This ensures your tokens start evenly spread out throughout the individual delay period. You can do more interesting things with offset. Normally to bypass Anti-Raid bots like Beemo or Wick, you'd have to join your tokens with high delays then wait for all of them to join to start DMing. Now with Offset you can make it so that one account joins and starts DMing, 30 seconds or any duration of your choice later the second account joins and start DMing so you save A LOT of time. How to do this? Set your offset to the duration you want your accounts to join in, like 30,000 - 60,000 (Remember offset is in milliseconds) and don't join your accounts to the server. Before Mass DMing, you'd get an option for advanced settings. Enter the server invite and serverid there. Use multiple proxies/ rotating proxies to prevent Discord server IP bans by the Anti-Raid bots. This won't work while Proxyless.

Using Captcha APIs

Captcha Solving APIs were introduced to DMDGO on 8th February 2022 when Discord mandated Captchas for joining servers on some tokens they deemed untrustworthy. The supported Captcha APIs right now are capmonster.cloud and anti-captcha.com You can register an account there, load some balance and copy your Captcha API Key to config. Make sure to specify the service you're using as well. It is extremely inexpensive and can join thousands of accounts in a couple USD. If there is an error with the captcha APIs, You will get an error code. You can look it up on their documentation here

Example configuration

    "individual_delay": 60,
    "rate_limit_delay": 60,
    "offset": 100,
    "skip_completed": true,
    "skip_failed": true,
    "remove_dead_tokens": true,
    "remove_completed_members": true,
    "stop_dead_tokens": true,
    "check_mutual": false,
    "friend_before_DM": false,
    "online_tokens": false,
    "online_scraper_delay": 2000,
    "call": false,
    "proxy_from_file": false,
    "max_dms_per_token": 0,
    "receive_messages": true,
    "use_proxy_for_gateway": false,
    "timeout": 60,
    "captcha_api": "capmonster.cloud",
    "captcha_api_key": "your_captcha_api_key",
    "max_attempt_invite_rejoin": 4,
    "disable_keep_alives": false

This is the config I'd use, with ofcourse the offset calculated accordingly.

Message in file

The input/message.json is an array of messages from which one is chosen at random to be sent before each DM. Message.json is an array of messages. Find the examples below to add multiple messages. You can use the "get message" option to get messages from discord as well. Be sure to have the [] around the whole message. The only way to change lines is adding \n. After discord update on 22nd January 2022; Embed support was removed from DMDGO V1.7.5 and higher as discord removed the capibility to send embeds completely from userbots

Example message 1 : Single Message, No Embed

    "content": "Hi <user> join my telegram server https://t.me/tosviolators"

Example message 2: Multiple messages, No Embeds.

    "content": "Hi <user> join my telegram server https://t.me/tosviolators"
    "content": "We had a discord but it got terminated"
    "content": "We might make one again but too lazy to do so"

How to Debug problems with Mass DMing / Message

For problems with setting the JSON files. Read this document very carefully and try understanding a bit of JSON. You can use JSON Lint or similar to validate your JSON files and fix errors. The structure for all files is clearly defined here. For problems with sending DMs/ Any other function, the best way to diagnose is logging into the token and see what's going on. I highly recommend not to use email:password to login as it might trigger the New Login Location prompt. It's better to login via tokens. Click here for a simple and fast token login script by @m-Pheonix852 Once logged into the token, you can see if it's still in the server / diagnose other problems with channel veriifcation levels, etc. You may also read the FAQs. Always keep in mind, when using self-bots you can only do actions that normal users can do. If you try DMing someone with no mutuals or friends, you can't DM them. Similarly, this self-bot can't either.

Scraping [Experimental Menu as of DMDGO v1.7.0]

The Scraping menu is a new functionality introduced in DMDGO V1.7.0 Before that, DMDGO recommended the use of Discum's Scraper This menu is still unstable and needs a lot of improvement. For stability, you can use the Discum Scraper. But if you do decide to use the scraper from DMDGO, It's explained here.

  • Online Scraper (Opcode 14) : Scrapes members from the member list visible on the right hand side of a discord server. This is usually only online members in case of larger servers as the offline member list usually gets hidden when servers are larger than 1000 members.

  • Scrape from Reactions: Does not use websocket, incase you see a reaction with a large number of reacts from which you'd like to get users, you can use this option. The one downside to this is that it would also scrape reacts from users who may have already left the server.

  • Offline Scraper (Opcode 8) : Scrapes members using OP8 websocket requests. This is what goes on behind the screens when you search for members in the search bar or by using @ in chat. This is usually slow with 1 account as it's bruteforcing which is why this mode supports multiple tokens for faster scrapes. It can't get all the users because of limitations described in Discum's Docs but it gets a substantial number more users than the Opcode 14 scraper. You'll have to press ENTER to start and stop this scraper as it has the potential to go on for a very long time. Recommended to use multiple tokens and they need to be in the server before you start scraping. This function was slowed down on purpose to avoid any sort of rate limits. It will save IDs automatically to memberids.txt and you'll have to stop it manually when it's no longer getting IDs.

Token Functionality [Updated: 14th January 2022]

The number of DMs you get per token depends on your token's quality and it's verification status. Unverified tokens (No email, No Phone number) get around 5 DMs. Email Verified tokens get around 50 DMs and Phone verifieds have the potential to go more than 50. These are ofcourse the maximum/ideal number of DMs as they were tested on botted servers where every DM was open. In a real-DMing scenerio, this number can be lesser. Whenever you buy tokens from a new seller, buy less tokens first to test out their quality. You can do this by manually sending DMs. Discord often flags the domains on which tokens are made, when this happens your tokens will struggle to even get 1 DM. Sometimes the phone number on the accounts is flagged as well. So always check before buying. Aged tokens have the potential to do thousands of DMs without ever getting disabled. But the type of tokens you want to use would depend on the servers you want to target and the cost efficiency. The mean DM price from DM-services is $0.01. The cost of an email verified token is $0.03 on average right now. Which would make the cost of DMs if you use email verifieds around $0.0006 - $ 0.001 which is more than 10 times cheaper. If you're new to this and want to try out your hand, I recommend going for cheap email verifieds to test. Other than that, it is upto you to narrow your targets and find your cost efficiency.

Mass DMing

Before you start Mass DMing, You will have an option for Advanced Settings. You may set a Serverid and invite code there. If the token is not in the server, the token will stop sending messages or try to rejoin the server. For best efficiency, use the recommended setting for delays. If you get spammed with errors "Cannot send messages to this user", make sure you're using the right memberids and that your tokens are in the server. If you get the error "Channel verification too high", this could be because you're trying to use email verified tokens on a server which requires phone verification or because the server has a 10 minute timer which you'd need to wait out before sending messages (Can be confirmed by loggin in with a token) Sometimes, servers have anti-raid bots which detect suspicious patterns in joining like a lot of accounts with similar recent dates of registeration, no profile picture and random names joining within a certain time period. They may kick/ban the accounts, in such an event, you will not be able to send messages. Check out the method described here or use high delays while joining such servers

Proxies, Tokens and the Discord Self-Bot market in general

DMDGO was tested using Proxiware's Static Proxies and Iproyal's Rotating proxies. It may or may not work properly with free proxies from proxiscrape. Those are the worst proxies you can find on the internet. Using a proxies with gateway functions is not recommended. Tokens are Discord accounts, they will be sending DMs for you. There are few ways to get them, the simplest being to buy them. Whenever you buy tokens, please check the quality and only buy more if they're good. Or you can buy/make/find a token generator. The Discord-Self bot market is very risky. A word of advice, don't purchase from unreputed people and use middlemen on reputed forums for large transactions. You will get scammed most of the times otherwise. The market is full of highly elaborate scammers like Exordium targetting people with his purchased channel and botted impressions. He will take your money and block you. And the owners of Anonix who will hapilly sell you open source code. Exit scams happen here all the time. Take recent incident of one of the MassDN partners Certex who exit scammed $60,000+ by ratting their customers. This is not to scare you to make purchases, this is just to warn you that you are likely to get scammed especially as a newcomer so stay vigilant. I decided to include this in the readme because everyday I see several people getting scammed.

Support my Journey!

Leave a star on the repository, helps out intensively! You can also buy me a cookie on these addresses if I helped you out in any way. DMDGO was made with <3 over a period of 3 months and 184 cans of Redbull which doesn't come cheap :)

  • ETH: 0xE01118C55963fA92174802Dae87E1C6DE1dADC07

  • BTC: bc1qs9069mdegedmv7w0wtwap0qfa2h9j8d403jfej

  • SOL: 8QyA9dCetgVMxU2AjzfM3DrY1i3mXuE8nsgLkvAX1hTe

  • LTC: LN5UPbL31TcPzpBKFbsNKZ5BxwUzKcyi1F


There are a lot of impersonators, please make sure you're dealing with the correct username.

Telegram: https://t.me/campingarunner (This is my only Telegram)

Mail: [email protected] (For Business Enquiries)


DMDGO has not been a One man show! I would like to thank everyone for their contributions and my patreons. Special thanks to my lads ->

  • The author of Dankgrinder and OsOmE1 for helping out numerous times since the time I started writing code! Also for the websocket code taken from dankgrinder
  • Sympthey for allowing use of his Websocket code from DiscSpam helping me to understand the protocol!
  • Arandomnewaccount and Dolfies Contributors on Python Libraries for Discord Selfbots like Discum and Discord.py-Self for helping with the op8 and op14 scrapers and their amazing docs
  • Woen for providing the configuration for the initial HTTP client which did not really solve the problem but gave me the right direction!
  • Bytixo for providing the code used for obtaining the current stable build number
  • My friend Siegfried for helping out with the community servers and many functions of DMDGO since even before it existed.


Q: I can't find the EXE file?

A: Download a pre-built version for your OS/Architecture from the release section or build from source.

Q: How to install Discum to use their scraper?

A: Run the following on your command prompt: pip install discum

Q: Pip does not work for me?

A: Add python to path, watch a tutorial on it.

Q: Index error on discum script / Any other non-websocket error:

A: Make sure you have correctly entered your Token, channel ID and Server ID in the script and that the token is present in the server you're trying to scrape. For more assistance, please reach out to discum.

Q: Where do I get tokens?

A: Purchase a token generator, proxies, 2captcha and a hosting and generate your own tokens 24x7 or just buy tokens directly. Always ask for a token to try before purchasing to ensure it's of superior quality.

Q: "DLL load failed while importing _brotli: The specified module could not be found" while using Discum

A: Download this for your OS/Arch

Q: My program closes instantly

A: Open up a command prompt, drag and drop the exe to it and try to run. This way it will show you the error before exiting

Q: Error 400

A: Error 400 is a malformed request and is a fault at your end. Either the channel IDs are wrong / the token is trying to DM itself. Or your message is empty (Empty messages can't be sent on discord) stuff like that.

Q: Error 400 [Code: 40001 Message: Unauthorized]

A: Your token has never been connected to a websocket before. Use token onliner in DMDGO v1.0.7 and above.

Q: Error 405/403/401

A: Error 403 stands for "Forbidden" and Error 405 stands for "Method not allowed", 403 arrises due to several reasons - You're blocked by the Receiver, you don't share a mutual server with them, you're phone locked, you're email locked, You haven't completed member screening, Receiver's DMs are closed, etc. Meanwhile Error 405 usually happens when you try to do something that can't be done normally on discord, based on how the program works, this might arise if your tokens get locked/ disabled. Error 401 stands for "Unauthorized" and may mean that your token is invalid/locked. You may also get Error 403 if you try to DM users in a phone verification required server with email verified tokens.

Q: What is rate limit delay?

A: Discord limits the speed with which you can send New DMs. As of November 2021, this limit is 10 new DMs every 10 minutes. Once the token gets rate limited, it will wait out the duration mentioned in config in front of rate limit delay. This is not bypassable, if anyone/ any other program claims it can bypass it, it's a lie.

Q: What kind of tokens are recommended?

A: Fully verified tokens with a valid email and phone number

Q: Do I need to keep discord open?

A: No, you only need to keep this program open to send messages.

Q: My OS/Arch is not listed in releases?

A: Build it yourself, it is explained in the readme file.

Q: Discum is auto-exiting

A: Make sure you've made a file users.txt in the same directory as the script if you're using the version of Discum from my readme. Also run Discum in CMD and not by double clicking.

Q: Should I use proxies? If yes which ones?

A: It is totally upto you, I personally don't see the need for proxies yet using this. But some people like it as it does seem more believeable. If you intend to use proxies with this, you'd need HTTPs rotating proxies.

Q: What is the proxy format?

A: The proxy format is username:password@hostname:port

Q: Error 429/ I can't join servers?

A: Your IP is softbanned / you are rate limited, use a VPN. It will be fixed.

Q: What is membership screening/ minimum security of servers preventing me from DMing?

A: It looks something like this:

Membership Screening

You need to be past this in order to send any DMs to members in that server.

Q: How to better debug what's going wrong?

A: Login into your token and try to understand what's going wrong. I recommend this script .

Q: I put in my tokens, memberIDs, config and message but it can't find them?

A: Make sure you've compiled and are running the binary. Doing go run main.go does not work as the program finds the above mentioned files using the relative path to the exe. Doing go run main.go makes a temporary exe somewhere.

Q: Will you mass DM for me?

A: I will not, this program is just a Proof of Concept. Using it to actually launch DM advertisement campaigns & spamming is a violation of Discord TOS & Community guidelines. This is only for documenting & researching.

Q: Channel verification too high?

A: This happens in a few scenerios. You're trying to use unverified tokens to DM in a server which needs Phone/Email verification OR you're trying to use email verified tokens in a server which requires phone verification. This may also happen if the server has a 10 minute wait time before you can interact in it, to verify, login into a token and see. It may also happen if for some reason, DMDGO failed to bypass the token which it does automatically.

Q: Invalid character e looking for beginning of value error code: 1015

A: Cloudflare Error 1015 is an IP Based Rate limit. You have to use proxies/ VPN to get around it

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