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Save the scroll view page as an image,support UIScrollView,UITableView,UICollectionView,UIWebView,WKWebView.(Support iOS13)

  • [x] iOS13
  • [x] UITableVieW in UIScrollView
  • [x] UIScrollView
  • [x] UITableView
  • [x] UICollectionView
  • [x] WKWebView
  • [x] UIWebView

  • Fix bug on iOS13,please update the lastest version(0.1.4)

  • Pelease use real machine to debug, simulator has some problems


  • 1、Add the following line to your Podfile:
pod 'TYSnapshotScroll'
  • 2、Then, run the following command:
pod install
  • 3、import .h file:
#import <TYSnapshotScroll.h>
  • 4、if have error "Undefined symbols for architecture arm64" add "$(inherited)" into "Other Linker Flags"


  • 1、download "TYSnapshotScroll",drag "TYSnapshotScroll" into the project

  • 2、import .h file: :

#import "TYSnapshotScroll.h"


[TYSnapshotScroll screenSnapshot:yourView finishBlock:^(UIImage *snapShotImage) {

normal: TYSnapshotScroll-w240

UITableView in UIScrollView:

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