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A POSIX *nix (Linux, macOS, *BSD, etc) fetch script using Nerdfonts



  • Any nerdfonts font
  • bc (optional, but most systems already have this)
  • Pretty much any Linux distro/macOS

To install and run:

Automatically (Arch Linux via the AUR):

yay -S nerdfetch

Make sure to replace yay with whatever AUR helper you use.


Copy-paste this into your terminal:

# clone and go into repo
git clone
cd NerdFetch/
# install
sudo install -m755 nerdfetch /usr/bin/nerdfetch
# go back and remove the download
cd ..
rm -rf NerdFetch/
# run

Run once (curl):

Note that this will not install the program.

curl -fsSL | sh


  • Package manager and package count detection across many OSes
  • Support across all nerdfonts
  • Uptime detection that is actually good
  • Unlike neofetch, it uses almost no resources
  • Portable
  • POSIX compliant
  • Tested on Pop!_OS, NixOS, Ubuntu, Alpine, Debian, macOS 10, Arch, Manjaro, Bedrock, Gentoo, Kiss, EndeavourOS, ArcoLinux, Solus, Exherbo, LilKirbsOS, Fedora, Slackware, and Android

OSes fully supported:

  • Debian based Linux
  • Ubuntu based Linux
  • Arch based Linux
  • RedHat based Linux
  • SUSE based Linux
  • Bedrock Linux
  • Alpine Linux
  • KISS Linux
  • Void Linux
  • Gentoo Linux
  • Exherbo Linux
  • Solus Linux
  • Slackware Linux*
  • macOS 10.x
  • macOS 11

OSes partially supported:

  • Android
  • *BSD

Known issues:

  • Issues with uptime on Android
  • No support for BSD package managers/uptime calculations.
  • *In Slackware Linux, make sure to have /usr/sbin in PATH

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