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This repository has been replaced with Project Flogo 0.9.0 Contrib. Project Flogo 0.5.8 (this repository) will be placed in maintaince mode and only critical issues fixed.


Build Status

Collection of Flogo activities, triggers and models.



  • awsiot: Aws IOT shadow update
  • coap: CoAP messaging
  • counter: Global counter
  • log: Simple flow Logger
  • rest: Simple REST invoker
  • twilio: Simple Twilio SMS sender
  • [websocket] (activity/wsmessage): Simple Websocket Message


  • coap: Start flow via CoAP
  • mqtt: Start flow via MQTT
  • rest: Start flow via REST
  • timer: Start flow via Timer



Install Activity

Example: install log activity

flogo install

Install Trigger

Example: install rest trigger

flogo install

Install Model

Example: install simple model

flogo install

Contributing and support


New activites, triggers and models are welcomed. If you would like to contribute, please following the contribution guidelines. If you have any questions, issues, etc feel free to chat with us on Gitter.


flogo-contrib is licensed under a BSD-type license. See TIBCO LICENSE.txt for license text.


For Q&A you can post your questions on Gitter

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