A simple blogging system implemented with Spring Boot + Hibernate + MySQL + Bootstrap4.
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SQL 审核查询平台
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Open Source Point of Sale is a web based point of sale application written in PHP using CodeIgniter framework. It uses MySQL as the data back end and has a Bootstrap 3 based user interface.
a year ago16mitJava
开源论坛、问答系统,现有功能提问、回复、通知、最新、最热、消除零回复功能。功能持续更新中…… 技术栈 Spring、Spring Boot、MyBatis、MySQL/H2、Bootstrap
3 years ago18otherJava
A simple blogging system implemented with Spring Boot + Hibernate + MySQL + Bootstrap4.
Php Interview1,134
a year agoPHP
This is the information I prepared for the PHP interview.The notes include PHP, MySql, Linux, etc.
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一个简单的教务查询系统(主要技术SpringMVC + Spring + Mybatis + Shiro + Bootstrap)
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BoxBilling - Open source billing and client management software
3 years agoJava
2 years ago1Java
适合java新手入门练习的java web个人网站项目,目前主要维护web-mysql和web-psql两个分支。前台包括博客、代码库、文件下载、留言、登录注册、站内搜索、分类目录等功能,后台包括上传文件、博客、代码,编辑、删除文章,修改个人资料等功能,目前暂停开发新功能。网址:https://demo.hemingsheng.cn ,觉得不错的欢迎 star。 手机版网址:
3 years ago3mitJava
FlyCms 是一个类似知乎以问答为基础的完全开源的JAVA语言开发的社交网络建站程序,基于 Spring Boot+Bootstrap3+MyBatis+MySql+Solr +Ehcache应用架构,专注于社区内容的整理、归类和检索,它集合了问答,digg,wiki 等多个程序的优点,帮助用户轻松搭建专业的知识库和在线问答社区。业务模块包括:权限管理,会员管理,角色管理,定时任务管理(调度管理),问答管理,文章管理,分享管理,短信接口管理和邮件系统发送(注册、找回密码、邮件订阅),跨域登录,消息推送,全文检索、前端国际化等等众多模块,等您自己来体验!
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SpringBlog is a very simple and clean-design blog system implemented with Spring Boot. It's one of my learning projects to explore awesome features in Spring Boot web programming. You can check my blog site for demo https://raysmond.com.

There's no demo online. Here's the screenshot of my previous blog homepage.

SpringBlog is powered by many powerful frameworks and third-party projects:

  • Spring Boot and many of Spring familiy (e.g. Spring MVC, Spring JPA, Spring Secruity and etc)
  • Hibernate + MySQL
  • HikariCP - A solid high-performance JDBC connection pool
  • Bootstrap - A very popular and responsive front-end framework
  • Pegdown - A pure-java markdown processor
  • ACE Editor - A high performance code editor which I use to write posts and code.
  • Redis - A very powerful in-memory data cache server.
  • EhCache
  • Thymeleaf (Spring MVC)


Before development, please install the following service software:

Edit the spring config profile src/main/resources/application.yml according to your settings.

And start MySQL and Redis first before running the application.

# If you're using Ubuntu server

# Install MySQL
apt-get install mysql-server
service mysql start
mysql -u root -p
>> create database spring_blog;

This is a Gradle project. Make sure Gradle is installed in your machine. Try gradle -v command. Otherwise install in from http://www.gradle.org/. I recommend you import the source code into Intellij IDE to edit the code.

# Start the web application
./gradlew bootRun


How to import the project into Intellij IDEA and run from the IDE?

git clone https://github.com/Raysmond/SpringBlog.git 
cd SpringBlog

bower install 
  1. Clone the project
  2. Download all dependencies
  3. Open the project in Intellij IDEA.
  4. Run SpringBlogApplication.java as Java application.
  5. Preview: http://localhost:8080 Admin: http://localhost:8080/admin , the default admin account is: admin, password: admin

Lombok is required to run the project. You can install the plugin in Intellij IDEA. Reference: mplushnikov/lombok-intellij-plugin

  • Build application jar ./gradlew build, then upload the distribution jar (e.g. build/libs/SpringBlog-0.1.jar) to your remote server.

  • Upload application-production.yml to your server and change it according to your server settings.

  • Run it (Java8 is a must)

    java -jar SpringBlog-0.1.jar --spring.profiles.active=prod
    # OR with external spring profile file
    java -jar SpringBlog-0.1.jar --spring.config.location=application-production.yml


  • [x] Upgrade frontend framework to Bootstrap4
  • [ ] Replace Jade with Thymeleaf(HTML)
  • [ ] Frontend building tools, e.g. webpack
  • [x] Use hibernate 2nd level cache (EHCache?)
  • [ ] Markdown preview while editing
  • [ ] Html editor


Modified BSD license. Copyright (c) 2015 - 2018, Jiankun LEI (Raysmond).

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