Seed your development database with real data ⚡️
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Encore is the end-to-end Backend Development Platform that lets you escape cloud complexity.
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Seed your development database with real data ⚡️
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Terraform module which creates RDS resources on AWS 🇺🇦
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Seed Your Development Database With Real Data

Replibyte is a blazingly fast tool to seed your databases with your production data while keeping sensitive data safe

MIT License stable badge stable badge Build and Tests Discord

ROSS Index - Fastest Growing Open-Source Startups in Q3 2022 | Runa Capital


  • MacOSX / Linux / Windows
  • Nothing more! Replibyte is stateless and does not require anything special.


Create a dump

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump create

List all dumps

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump list

type          name                  size    when                    compressed  encrypted
PostgreSQL    dump-1647706359405    154MB   Yesterday at 03:00 am   true        true
PostgreSQL    dump-1647731334517    152MB   2 days ago at 03:00 am  true        true
PostgreSQL    dump-1647734369306    149MB   3 days ago at 03:00 am  true        true

Restore the latest dump in a local container

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump restore local -v latest -i postgres -p 5432

Restore the latest dump in a remote database

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump restore remote -v latest


  • [x] Support data dump and restore for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB
  • [x] Analyze your data schema
  • [x] Replace sensitive data with fake data
  • [x] Works on large database (> 10GB)
  • [x] Database Subsetting: Scale down a production database to a more reasonable size
  • [x] Start a local database with the production data in a single command
  • [x] On-the-fly data (de)compression (Zlib)
  • [x] On-the-fly data de/encryption (AES-256)
  • [x] Fully stateless (no server, no daemon) and lightweight binary
  • [x] Use custom transformers

Here are the features we plan to support

  • [ ] Auto-detect and version database schema change
  • [ ] Auto-detect sensitive fields
  • [ ] Auto-clean backed up data

Getting Started

  1. How Replibyte works
  2. Initial setup:
    1. Install
    2. Configure
  3. Step-by-step guides:
    1. Create a dump
    2. Restore a dump
    3. Subset a dump
    4. Delete a dump
    5. Deploy Replibyte
      1. Container
      2. Qovery


What is RepliByte


Check here.


Thanks to all people sharing their ideas to make Replibyte better. We do appreciate it. I would also thank AirByte, a great product and a trustworthy source of inspiration for this project.

Replibyte is initiated and maintained by Qovery.

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