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pianobar is a free/open-source, console-based client for the personalized online radio Pandora.

pianobar screenshot


  • play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, ...) stations
  • rate songs and explain why they have been selected
  • upcoming songs/song history
  • customize keybindings and text output (see configuration example)
  • remote control and eventcmd interface (send tracks to, for example)
  • proxy support for listeners outside the USA


There are community provided packages available for most Linux distributions (see your distributions package manager), Mac OS X (via homebrew) and *BSD as well as a native Windows port.

The current pianobar release is 2022.04.01 (sha256, sign). More recent and experimental code is available at GitHub and the local gitweb. Older releases are available here:


The audio output does not work as expected. What can I do?
pianobar uses libao and most problems are related to a broken libao configuration. Have a look at issue #167 for example.
Can I donate money? Do you have a Flattr/Bitcoin/ account?
No, money is not necessary to continue working on pianobar. There are many other ways to support pianobar: Reporting bugs, creating cool stuff based on pianobar, blogging about it and the most important one: Keeping Pandora alive.

External projects


Scripts that interact with pianobar entirely through notification bubbles and hotkeys
Emacs interface for pianobar
Control pianobar like any other media player through DBUS/MPRIS.
Integrate pianobar with the Now Playing feature of macOS


Python/GTK desktop client
Pandora UNIX daemon, based on pianobar
Pandora Client for OS X

Standalone devices

Beagleboard-based radio device running pianobar
Pandoras Box
Raspberry Pi-based standalone devices running pianobar

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