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Rails Versioned API solution template for hipsters!

  • Version 3.1.0

Table of Contents


Project Setup

  • For production, you need to replace the asterisk with the URL of your client-side application in ./config/initializers/cors.rb file.
  1. Clone or download this repo
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Run rake db:create
  4. Run bin/rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development
  5. Run bin/rails db:seed RAILS_ENV=development
  6. Run foreman start -f
  7. Visit --> http://localhost:5000/. That's it!.

GraphQL API playground


  • Run rubocop for Ruby lint.
  • Run rubocop -a for fixed some issues automatically.
  • Run reek . for analyzing code.
  • Run brakeman for static analysis and for security vulnerabilities.
  • Run rails_best_practices . in root app directory. Helps to find unused methods, missing indexes into database tables and many other things.

Annotate (aka AnnotateModels) usage

To annotate all your models, tests, fixtures, and factories:

cd /path/to/app

To annotate just your models, tests, and factories:

annotate --exclude fixtures

To annotate just your models:

annotate --exclude tests,fixtures,factories,serializers

To annotate routes.rb:

annotate --routes

To remove model/test/fixture/factory/serializer annotations:

annotate --delete

To remove routes.rb annotations:

annotate --routes --delete

To automatically annotate every time you run db:migrate, either run rails g annotate:install or add Annotate.load_tasks to your Rakefile. See the configuration in Rails section for more info.

Gitlab CI

  • You need configure .gitlab-ci.yml file with your Heroku credentials.

Travis CI

  • You need configure .travis.yml file with your Travis and Heroku credentials.

Pry initializer

Avoid repeating yourself, use pry-rails instead of copying the initializer to every rails project.

  • Run rails console and in Rails console:
  • For showing models --> show-models.
  • For showing routes --> show-routes.


  • Run rake traceroute.

GraphQL Preload gem

Test API with Postman

  • You can find some examples here.

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