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Project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going.

Project Templates

ASP.NET Core API Boxed

ASP.NET Core API Boxed Preview Image

ASP.NET Core GraphQL Boxed

ASP.NET Core GraphQL Boxed Preview Image

Microsoft Orleans Boxed

Microsoft Orleans Boxed Preview Image

NuGet Package Boxed

NuGet Package Boxed Preview Image

Item Templates

  • .editorconfig - A very generic .editorconfig file supporting .NET, C#, VB and web technologies.
  • .gitattributes - A .gitattributes file supporting normalized line endings and Git Large File System (LFS).

How can I get it?

  1. Install the latest .NET Core SDK.
  2. Run dotnet new --install Boxed.Templates to install the project templates.
  3. Choose a project template i.e. api, graphql, nuget, orleans.
  4. Run dotnet new api --help to see how to select the feature of the project.
  5. Run dotnet new api --name "MyProject" along with any other custom options to create a project from the template.

Release Notes and To-Do List

You can find release notes for each version here and a To-Do list of new features and enhancements coming soon in the projects tab.

Continuous Integration

Name Operating System Status History
Azure Pipelines Ubuntu Azure Pipelines Ubuntu Build Status
Azure Pipelines Mac Azure Pipelines Mac Build Status
Azure Pipelines Windows Azure Pipelines Windows Build Status
Azure Pipelines Overall Azure Pipelines Overall Build Status Azure Pipelines Build History
GitHub Actions Ubuntu, Mac & Windows GitHub Actions Status GitHub Actions Build History
AppVeyor Ubuntu & Windows AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor Build History

Contributions and Thanks

Please view the Contributing guide for more information.

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