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⚡ Lightning Fast, Safe, Desktop App for Cloud credentials managing and generation

Leapp is a Cross-Platform Cloud access App, built on top of Electron.

The App is designed to manage and secure Cloud Access in multi-account environments, and it is available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

For more information about features go to our documentation.

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✨ Features

All the covered access methods can be found here.


You can find all the information needed to download and install Leapp in the documentation. Leapp can be installed on macOS, Linux, and Windows systems.

... and nothing stops you from compiling Leapp yourself! You can find more information about how to compile Leapp in our contributing guidelines.


Thank you for thinking about contributing to Leapp!

Read through our contributing guidelines to learn how you can bring your value to our project by submitting your first contribution.

Want to start developing with Leapp? Check out our developing guidelines!

You can report bugs or suggest features using the GitHub issues channel; moreover, you can pick a good first issue and make your first code contribution.

We want to thank you all!

Our Sponsors

@taimos @aws

A special thanks to our individual sponsors!

@Gowiem @dharada1


Refer to the documentation website.


You can chat with us inside our community so join us, or send us a message through the contacts form.


Mozilla Public License v2.0

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