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deep-microservices-todomvc is a fully serverless todo-application inspired from Frontend part is built on top of Angular-CLI (Angular 5), but backend is cloud-native and is managed by DEEP Framework. This repository is open sourced to show case how developers can build and deploy hassle-free cloud-native web applications using microservices architecture and serverless computing.


Make sure that you have proper software installed

Getting Started

  1. Clone repository
  2. Go to src/deep-todomvc directory
  3. Prepare backend by running npm run prepare-backend
  4. Prepare frontend by running npm run prepare-frontend
  5. Go back to src directory
  6. Run Microservice in Development mode
deepify server ./
  • During this step configure your frontend/backend parameters, set runAsApi to true in order to be able to use ng-cli for frontend development;

  • When this step is finished,

  • Enjoy the deep-microservices-todomvc running locally.

  1. Deploy Microservice to Production

After your development work is done just run (from src directory):

  • Compile backend: deepify compile prod
  • Deploy the application: deepify deploy

Amazon CloudFront distribution takes up to 20 minutes to provision, therefore don’t worry if it returns an HTTP error in the first couple of minutes.

  1. Remove Microservice from Production

In case if you want to undeploy this AWSome ;) application, just run (from src directory):

deepify undeploy 

Amazon CloudFront distribution takes up to 20 minutes to unprovision. That's why deepify command checks every 30 seconds if it's disabled and when successful, removes it from your account.

Developer Resources

Having questions related to deep-microservices-todomvc?

Interested in contributing to deep-microservices-todomvc?


This repository is being sponsored by:

This code can be used under MIT license:

See LICENSE for more details.

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