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⌨ Mitype ⌨

Typing Speed Test in Terminal

Mitype is a program to test (and hence improve) your typing speed right from the ease of your terminal.

Written completely in python with no external dependencies!

✨ Main Features

  • 🖥️ Cross-platform
  • ğŸŽ¦ See your replay
  • 🐍 Supports Python 2 and 3
  • 📝 Choose custom text input
  • 🅰️ 6000 text samples
  • 🌈 Colored texts

🔧 Install

Mitype can be easily installed by:

pip install mitype

📈 Usage

Once installed, you can run it simply as:


You can also customize each run by specifying the following options as:

  • -f FILENAME, --file FILENAME
    Uses contents of file as sample text.
  • -d N, --difficulty N
    N can be in range [1, 5] with 1 being the easiest. This decides the length of the text.
  • -i ID, --id ID
    ID can be in range [1, 6000].

You can quit mitype anytime by pressing the ESC key or CTRL-C.

You can also directly run on in your web browser although, the latency is pretty high.

💚 Contributing

We encourage you to contribute to mitype! Please check out the Contributing Guidelines about how to proceed.

📜 License

Licensed under the GPL license.

Text samples in database are collected from Typeracer Data.

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