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NestJS API Boilerplate

Nestjs API Boilerplate: Typescript, Postgresql, TypeORM, Swagger for Api documentation, Passport-JWT authentication, Jest, Env configuration, Migrations, Seeds, Docker, most popular node js libraries, and best application architecture.

This is an a personal effort made with love to setup this architecture and dev environment for new node projects using NestJS.

Getting started (development envioroment) 👍👍👍

# 1. Clone the repository or click on "Use this template" button.
git clone nestjs-api-boilerplate

# 2. Enter your newly-cloned folder.
cd nestjs-api-boilerplate

# 3. Install dependencies.
npm i

# 4. fill in default.yml.example and development.yml.example files and rename it to default.yml and development.yml

# 5. Run docker containers
npm run docker:up
# you can verify your DB by opening http://localhost:8080 (Adminer)

# 6. Run development server 
npm run start:dev 
# access swagger api doc by opening http://localhost:3000/docs

# 7. Read the documentation linked below for "Setup and development" (Sorry ! it is not yet available).

Deploy (production envioroment) 👍👍👍

# 1. fill in .env.example file and rename it to .env 

# 2. Enter your project folder.
cd nestjs-api-boilerplate

# 2. Install dependencies.
sh scripts/ 

# 3. Enjoy it 🥳🥳🥳  you have your api up ! 😌

# NB : 🤔 to shut down production 
sh scripts/


Quick scaffolding
Create modules, services, controller - right from the CLI!
Developer friendly
Enjoy the best Developer eXperience.
JWT Authentication
Installed and configured JWT authentication.
Next generation Typescript
Always up to date typescript version.
best application architecture
Empowered with best practices facilitating the development of scalable server-side applications
Environment Configuration
development, staging and production environment configurations
Swagger Api Documentation
Already integrated API documentation. To see all available endpoints visit http://localhost:3000/docs
Seeding Database
Awesome way to seed test data into your database using typeorm-seeding
Already provided and configured npm script commands to run our migration process, see 'migrations.doc.txt'
high performance data access using Redis store
Already setup Compodoc
Production grade logging system
Setup an external logger for production grade logging system - winston
AWS SDK used for S3, tested with MinIO Server
tslint + eslint + prettier = ❤️

WIP/Comming Features

TypeScript source code Documentation
Use a documentation generator for TypeScript projects such as or other alternative -

Documentation [Sorry ! it is not yet available]

This project includes a docs folder with more details on:

  1. Setup and development
  2. Architecture
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