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TwLocation python version license

Python script that gets Twitter users' tweets location

Made with heart by Mazen Elzanaty


  • Gets Twitter Usernames based on a latitude and longitude
  • Profiles URLs
  • Tweet Latitude and Longitude
  • Google Maps link to Latitude and Longitude


TwLocation should work on all Linux distros running Python 2.7 First, clone it by entering the following command in the terminal

git clone

Now navigate to TwLocation directory

cd TwLocation

Now install the requirements with the following command

pip install -r requirements.txt

Edit config.txt and put your twitter app keys

cat config.txt
consumer_key = "XxXxXxxXXXxxxxXXXxXX"
consumer_secret = "xXXXXXXXXxxxxXxXXxxXxxXXxXxXxxxxXxXXxxxXXx"
access_key = "XXXXXXXX-xxXXxXXxxXxxxXxXXxXxXxXxxxXxxxxXxXXxXxxXX"
access_secret = "XxXXXXXXXXxxxXXXxXXxXxXxxXXXXXxXxxXXXXx"

Now you can run TwLocation




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