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Twitter Intelligence

A project written in Python for twitter tracking and analysis without using Twitter API.


  • This project is a Python 3.x application.
  • The package dependencies are in the file requirements.txt. Run that command to install the dependencies.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


  • SQLite is used as the database.
  • Tweet data is stored on the Tweet, User, Location, Hashtag, HashtagTweet tables.
  • The database is created automically.

Usage Example

Application work view:

screen shot 2018-07-06 at 12 18 51

  • Get help
 python3 -h 
  • Get tweets by username

  •  python3 --username "HaberSau" 
  • Get tweets by query

  •  python3 --query "sakarya" 
  • Get tweet at a specific date range

  •  python3 --username "HaberSau" --since 2015-09-10 --until 2015-09-12 --maxtweets 10 
  • If you get location of tweets, add --location "True" param (but application will be slower due to new response times

     python3 --query "sakarya" --location "True"
    • If you want you can run the application in docker

    docker build . -t twitter-intelligence

    docker run -it -p 5000:5000 --rm -v "images:/usr/src/app/images" twitter-intelligence

    Analysis performs analysis processing. User, hashtag, and location analyzes are performed.

  • Get help:

  • python3 -h
  • for location analysis

  • python3 analysis py --location


    location analysis runs through address http://localhost:5000/locations

    You must write Google Map Api Key in to display google map.

  • Runs hashtag analysis.

  • python3 --hashtag


  • Runs user analysis.

  • python3 --user

    Graphical User Interface

    If you want run gui application, you should change "#PyQt5==5.11.2" to "PyQt5==5.11.2" in requirements.txt and you can run the that command.

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt used for gui application

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