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I have been pretty careless with keeping track of the code I write for my blogs.

So I thought of creating a repository to keep track of all the code that I end up writing for my blog posts. Although there are a lot of other blog posts which don't have codes here. So, follow me up at Medium or Subscribe to my blog to be informed about them. As always, I welcome feedback and constructive criticism and can be reached on Twitter @mlwhiz.

I would be also grateful if you consider Becoming a Patron! of my work. Thanks!!!

Deep Learning

Deep Learning BlogLink CodeLink
An End to End Introduction to GANs Blog Code
Faster and Memory-Efficient PyTorch models using AMP and Tensor Cores Blog Code
Chatbots aren’t as difficult to make as You Think Blog Code
End to End Multiclass Image Classification Using Pytorch and Transfer Learning Blog Code
Using Deep Learning for End to End Multiclass Text Classification Blog Code
Object detection using mask-RCNN on custom Dataset Blog Code

Data Science

Data Science BlogLink CodeLink
Applications of MCMC for Cryptography and Optimization Blog Code
Advanced Streamlit Caching Blog Code
A Newspaper for COVID-19 — The CoronaTimes Blog Code
Minimal Pandas Subset for Data Scientists on GPU Blog Code
How to run your ML Predictions 50 times faster? Blog Code
How to write Web apps using simple Python for Data Scientists? Blog Code
Using Gradient Boosting for Time Series prediction tasks Blog Code
Lightning Fast XGBoost on Multiple GPUs Blog Code


BigData BlogLink CodeLink
4 Graph Algorithms on Steroids for data Scientists with cuGraph Blog Code
5 Ways to add a new column in a PySpark Dataframe Blog Code
100x faster Hyperparameter Search Framework with Pyspark Blog Code
The Hitchhikers guide to handle Big Data using Spark Blog Code
The Most Complete Guide to pySpark DataFrames Blog Code

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