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CodeRed is a Graphics Interface supports DirectX12 and Vulkan.

  • Render anything instead of using Graphics API directly.
  • Do not need to take care of the different between DirectX12 and Vulkan.
  • And it is easier to render or change the Graphics API.


See documents folder or click me.


  • Clone or download the repository.
git clone
  • Download and install the requisite SDK.
  • Open the solution of CodeRed with Visual Studio 2019.
  • Build the source to a library(or reference the source).


The Windows SDK you can install with Visual Studio.


  • ImGui : An ImGui backend implement using CodeRed.
  • Compiler : A solution for solving HLSL/GLSL to DXIL/SPIRV.


  • ShaderCompiler : A tool to compile shader to binary file or cpp array.


There are some demos in Code-Red-Demo repository.

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