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Awesome Open Source

PoE Overlay

PoE Overlay lets you search the market and request items and helps you to evaluate the price of your items. As well as getting insights for your maps before running them and allows you to rewatch important game events like your player death.

It also offers a seamless integrated user interface with all client languages available.

Feature Overview As Video

✨ Features

A overview of all features can be found here.

🚩 Installing

  1. Download the new version from the Overwolf Store
  2. Run the downloaded installer

The complete guide with pictures can be found here.

⭐ Roadmap

Module Feature Status Note
Market Save Queries 📚
Market Sort Results 📚
Stash Filter Category 📚

🚧 In Progress 📚 Backlog ⚡ Blocked 🐺 Overwolf

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Click on create a issue and choose the bug template.

📰 You want to know what's new?

View the changelog of this application here.

🔥 Acknowledgments

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