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MCWine is a fabric-based modpack designed to bring better performance, brand new fixes, more accessibility and a compatibility system to allow players to connect to newer & older servers out of the box.

Installing This Modpack (Official/Vanilla Method)

  1. Click here to download the development version,
  2. Open your Minecraft folder,
  3. Open the ZIP-archive you have downloaded from step one,
  4. Extract the MCWine-Dev folder from the ZIP-archive to .minecraft/versions folder, if asked - replace the files,
  5. Restart your minecraft launcher,
  6. Create a new installation instance by heading to "Installations" and choosing the + icon,
  7. Choose the version "MCWine-Dev" from versions list which should be on the top,
  8. Change the game directory from default to .minecraft/versions/MCWine-Dev folder,
  9. Make sure the new instance has Java 17 or greater selected from the "more options" page,
  10. Save the instance and attempt to run the instance.

Installing This Modpack (MultiMC Method)

  1. Click here to download the development version,
  2. Drag the ZIP-archive to MultiMC window; and hit OK in the window that pops up,
  3. Double-click that version you just created to launch the modpack.

Updating Java Version (Optional)

It is recommended that you use Java 19 (Lite JDK) to allow minecraft to make use of the latest java version.

Although now requires javacheck.jar to be deleted as reported in MCL-18306. (But if you use MultiMC instead then skip the javacheck.jar removal requirement)

JVM Arguments (Optional)

It is recommended that you use one of these specific scripts as your JVM arguments instead of the defaults.

(You can change the -Xmx2G including -Xms2G value from the pastebin in order to manage the game RAM on how much to use for Minecraft, But depends on your computer's hardware; Both of those are not needed in MultiMC however as it uses it's own configurators for that)

Mods + Resource Pack Assets Used For This Pack

Please check this page for a whole list of mods that have been used for this modpack,

For the resource pack list, It can be found in this page instead.

Special Thanks To


  1. It cannot be guaranteed that ViaFabric + ViaBackwards + ViaRewind are allowed on specific servers as they can possibly cause problems with anti-cheat plugins,
  2. Due to technical limitations with the "enforce-secure-profile" feature from 1.19.1+ servers at this time; This will cause ViaFabric to malfunction with those servers,
  3. I do not take any responsibility for any issues caused by this pack - Any action you do is completely on your own,
  4. This modpack does not ship with mod menu as most configurations for each mod have been pre-baked. but you can install it regardless,
  5. Some mods will possibly contain bugs that can break this client - If you are sensitive to these issues; You can disable the specific mods to play without them.

Modrinth Version

This modpack is available on modrinth as a lightweight version, but will not ship with all the mods included in this repository; If you wanna check it out anyways then click here.


MCWine is licensed under MIT, a free and open-source license. For more information, please see the license file.

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