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Neat hovercards for GitHub.
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Enhanced Github1,784
6 months ago51mitJavaScript
:rocket: Browser extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to the clipboard
Github Hovercard1,744
7 months ago36otherJavaScript
Neat hovercards for GitHub.
Challenge Bypass Extension1,203
a month ago38bsd-3-clauseJavaScript
Client for Privacy Pass protocol providing unlinkable cryptographic tokens
2 years ago1January 19, 201710mitTypeScript
The missing IntelliSense hint for GitHub and GitLab
Github Repo Size894
2 years ago31mitJavaScript
🚀 Chrome extension to display repository size on GitHub
Chrome Utm Stripper696
8 months ago3mitJavaScript
Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) parameters, and various other click tracking tokens, from URL query strings
Oauth2 Extensions208
7 years ago24apache-2.0JavaScript
[Deprecated] An OAuth 2.0 Library for Chrome Extensions (please use chrome.identity)
9 months ago24mitTypeScript
Programming in
Git Random78
5 years agoHTML
Chrome extension - Replaces new tab with random github user's profile
Github Go To Definition74
7 years agomitJavaScript
'Go to definition' for GitHub pull request diffs and file views
Alternatives To Github Hovercard
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GitHub Hovercard

Neat hovercards for GitHub.


Published versions

Manual installation


  • Why and how should I bind my access token and which scopes should I allow?

    GitHub limits unauthenticated API requests to 60 per hour but after binding your access token you will be able to enjoy the rate limit of 5,000 requests per hour.

    Triple click on any hovercard and the access token form will pop out.

    You should at lease add permission for public_repo to enable star/unstar, and user:follow to enable follow/unfollow.

  • How can I make the follow/unfollow button work?

    First you need to provide an access token with adequate scopes.

  • Why Chrome warns me the extension might read my browser history?

    It's because GitHub Hovercard uses webNavigation module to dynamically inject content scripts (to support GitHub Enterprise). See #34. GitHub Hovercard won't track or record any of these private data.

  • Why can GitHub Hovercard's demo page find out I have installed the extension or not?

    In Chrome/Opera it's allowed to get this information through the API while in Firefox the extension will add a special attribute (data-github-hovercard) to the page's body element so that the demo page can find out if the user has installed GitHub Hovercard. It's all about user experience and the extension itself won't track or record these data.

  • Why access token doesn't work?

    Now GitHub Hovercard is saving user's private access token into localStorage. localStorage has a limit of 5MB and the problem might be other extensions have consumed too much storage that GitHub Hovercard failed to save access tokens.


For browser extension versions, GitHub Hovercard provide following options:

  • Domain

    Use this option to set custom domains for your GitHub Enterprise service. Note that you don't need to set because it's always included. You may be asked to grant additional permissions for those domains.

  • Theme

    The theme of hovercards. Defaults to GitHub-style hovercards. You can set it back to the classic dark style in the options.

  • Delay

    If you don't want the hovercards to pop up instantly, you may set a delay before they try to retrieve data and appear.

  • Disable Projects

    You can disable hovercards on project pages for less interference.

  • Placement

    You can set the default placement of the hovercards.

  • Readme

    You may disable readme content for repo cards if you don't need it.

  • Show self

    You may choose if you want to show user hovercard for yourself.


Users in trending repo avatars Users in feeds Repos in feeds Issues Pull requests Commits

Known issues

For unauthenticated requests, GitHub API has a fairly low request limit.

In later versions I might introduce access tokens to increase this limit.

Working on it.

Authentication is supported from v0.0.7.


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