Some work of Andrew Ng's course on Coursera
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This is some records of Andrews' course from Coursera. I have uploaded my programming implement to this warehouse. There might be something wrong with my work, be free to email [email protected]. And if you can push your right answer, that will be grateful.
And to be clear, Ng's course is my first access to AI. I would love to share more learning experience on DL/ML, so I will put some good repos/articles on this page. Please read this whole REDEME, hope there is some thing helps you.
Read AI article on my blog

Course Contents

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Week1 Introduction to deep learning
Week2 Neural Networks Basics
Week3 Shallow Neural networks
Week4 Deep Neural Networks

Improving Deep Neural Networks
Week1 Practical aspects of Deep Learning(Initialization-Regularization-Gradient Checking)
Week2 Optimization algorithms
Week3 Hyperparameter tuning, Batch Normalization and Programming Frameworks

Convolutional Neural Network
Week1 Foundations of Convolutional Neural Networks
Week2 Deep convolutional models: case studies
Week3 Object detection
Week4 Special applications: Face recognition & Neural style transfer

Sequence Models
Week1 Recurrent Neural Networks
Week2 Natural Language Processing & Word Embeddings
Week3 Sequence models & Attention mechanism

Blog Articles

About install tensorflow-gpu on windows

  • Cause I found many people get many issues while installing tensorflow-gpu on windows, and there are many talks before tensorflow-1.4.0 shows like this on Stackoverflow.
  • You will not face problem above again thanks to tensorflow-1.4.0!
  • python3.6.x + cudnn6.0 + CUDA8.0 + tensorflow-1.4.0 work perfect!
  • Remember move files in cundnn to CUDA8.0 accordingly (you also do this in the past)!

Learn Tensorflow and Deep Neural Network

  • I recommend you a video course for learning tensorflow from Google here
  • A good introduction about Deep Neural Network, download here
  • Best results on standard dataset like MNIST, CIFAR-10/100, ILSVRC2012... here
  • Keras Documentation Chinese Version here
  • Deep Learning by Goodfellow here

Some Good Machine Learning Tutorial

  • Expectation Maximization(EM) course by Xu Yida on Youtube
  • Understanding Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) from two perspectives: deep learning and graphical models

Some good repo

  • GANs with keras here
  • GANs with pytorch here

Update Records

  • Specialization 4 Done! 2017/11/13
  • Move Course Records to 2017/11/14
  • Add Expectation Maximization(EM) course links 2017/12/13
  • Add a Chinese Version keras tutorial 2018/2/23
  • Specialization 5 Done! 2018/3/8
  • Add GANs repo 2018/5/13

Thanks for Andrew Ng!

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