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Spark NLP Workshop

Showcasing notebooks and codes of how to use Spark NLP in Python and Scala.

Table of contents

Python Setup

$ java -version
# should be Java 8 (Oracle or OpenJDK)
$ python3 -m venv .sparknlp-env
$ source .sparknlp-env/bin/activate
# spark-nlp by default is based on pyspark 3.x
$ pip install pyspark==3.1.2
$ pip install spark-nlp

Colab setup

# This is only to setup PySpark and Spark NLP on Colab
!wget -O - | bash

Main repository

Project's website

Take a look at our official spark-nlp page: for user documentation and examples

Slack community channel

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If you find any example that is no longer working, please create an issue.


Apache Licence 2.0

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