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🎧 Green-bot is a powerfull discord music bot . Please note that this isn't the production version
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Green-bot is a Free Discord Music bot who supports Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify and http links!


** Bot features**

  • Dj system
  • Unlimited use of audio filters
    • Bassboost, nightcore, karaoke, vaporwave, earrape & More
  • Easy to use
  • Easy configuration
  • Autoplay
  • 24/7 music
  • Songs request channel
  • Highly configurable
  • Remove duplicates tracks
  • Easy to setup

** Installation**


  • If you need help with the installation, you can join our Discord Server.
  • The code isn't the same as production, this version is made to learn people how it works but it's not the same as Green-Bot.

Before you start, please consider that if you want to self-host this bot for personal use you should purchase a custom bot. Installation is not beginner friendly.

And yes, it's same for replit.

You are looking for the All-in-One bot? Click here

Before starting, make you sure you have a mongoDB database (it's free) and nodejs v16.

You will need to start a lavalink server and complete the informations in the config.js files.

Guide: How to start and create a lavalink server

Once your server is ready go in the config.js file and add a node.

lavalink: [
        { name: "node", url: "IP:PORT", auth: "LAVALINK_PASSWORD" },

Please make sure that you are using the same informations as provided in the application.yml file

Step 1.

Install NodeJS on your computer or on your vps. You MUST have NodeJs 16 or an higher version. Then, download the files and open them with Visual Studio code ( Then press Crtl + shift + or click on "new terminal", on the top bar.

Step 2. When your terminal is created, write npm install in your terminal to download all the modules. the bot won't work if you don't italian the modules! If you encounter any error, make you sure that you have the latest version of nodejs or ask in the discord server.

Step 3. When the modules have been downloaded and a node_modules directory has been created, go to the config.ts file in the src folder and setup the bot. You can find some comments about every setting.

Step 4.

Re-open your terminal and write tsc --build to build the files, you need to do it for every change.

Now, you can start the bot by pressing F5 or putting npm run start in the terminal.

Step 5. Enjoy your bot !

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