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This project allows you to create machine images with a full Graylog stack installed.

Graylog OVA appliance


  • Please run this appliance always in a separated network that is isolated from the internet.


  • 64bit host system with Virtualbox/VMWare/XenServer hypervisor


Detailed documentation can be found here.

Create machine images with Packer

This project creates machine images with a full Graylog stack installed.


You need a recent packer version, get it here. To set your local properties copy the to and fill in the right values for your environment. Before you run packer source the in your terminal.

$ cd packer
$ .
$ packer build aws.json

This e.g. creates an Amazon AMI for you.


We install in all machine images our Omnibus package that comes with the graylog-ctl command. After spinning up the VM you have to login with the ubuntu user and execute at least

$ sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure

This will setup your Graylog installation and start all services. You can reach the web interface by pointing your browser to the IP of the appliance: http://<IP address>:9000

The default login is Username: admin Password: admin. You can change the admin password:

$ sudo graylog-ctl set-admin-password !SeCreTPasSwOrD?
$ sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure

Noticeable Options


Parameter Value
type Choose AWS storage type, EBS works fine for the beginning
ami_groups 'all' means publicly available
ami_regions Array of availability zones to copy the image after creation


Parameter Value
disk_size Set the maximum disk size for the image
modifyvm --memory RAM size
modifyvm --cpus Number of CPUs
modifyvm --natpf1 Default port forwards

AMI Images

AWS EC2 Images can be found here

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