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Gladys Assistant

A privacy-first, open-source home assistant

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Try Gladys Assistant

You can try Gladys Assistant on our demo website.

Getting Started

To get started and install Gladys Assistant, you'll find everything on our website.

Pull requests are welcome

If you want to help us develop on Gladys Assistant, you need to first setup your development environment locally.

Then, read to learn more about our GitHub flow.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people 👏

Pierre-Gilles Leymarie

💻 💼 📖 🤔

Vincent KULAK

💻 🚇 📖 🤔

Alexandre Trovato

💻 📖 🤔

Bertrand d'Aure



💻 🤔


💻 🚇 🤔

Scott Fischer




Callum Macdonald






Thibaut Courvoisier


Frédéric Le Barzic




Cyril Beslay




Brad Sanders


Rob McCann


Ikko Ashimine


Ehtesham Siddiqui


Pochet Romuald


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Read if you want to help us on Gladys Assistant.


Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2022 Gladys Assistant - Released under the Apache 2.0 License.

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