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To help people get started with coding as a daily habit. Aim is to stay consistent with No-Zero-Days and work towards our goals, one small effort at a time! Join our Discord Server for more information, getting awesome resources, better productivity and motivation.

How to contribute?

  1. Fork this Repository.

  2. Create a branch with a relevant name.

  3. Make a directory with your username.

  4. There are two options :

    • 4.(a) Create different directories for each day, i.e. Day_1, Day_2, Day_3 ... and so on.

    • 4.(b) Push all the code into your main directory (The one you created with your username).

    Do any of the 4.(a) or 4.(b)!

  5. Make a Pull Request to that branch! We'd be happy to merge your daily progress!

  6. If you want to make changes to this file and enhance it, you can do that as well. Just Mark it for review to any of the maintainers. (See end of this file for who they are!)

🚀 Thanks to all Contributors

Thanks a lot for spending your time helping our project grow. Keep rocking 🎉



1. What is 100daysofcode challenge ?

  • It is a challenge to code everyday for 100 days.

2. Why should I join this challenege?

  • It will help in building habit of coding everyday.

3. How to join this challenge ?

  • Start coding,start pushing your code on our github repository and start sharing your progress on Twitter with the hashtag #100DaysofCode and do not forget to tag us @invide_labs.

4. Do I need to commit my code daily on GitHub?

  • Yes, You need to commit your code daily.It helps in maintaining consistency.

5. Do I need to make daily posts on Twitter?

  • No, It is not mandatory to post on daily basis if you don't have the time. You can share weekly progress instead. We would prefer if you can share your progress daily, though.

6. Is there a community that can help me motivate and where I can learn from ?

7. What all things can I put in the Pull Request? And is there a course/program which you are following?

  • You can put in :

    • Your daily codes for whatever you are learning. (Check what others are doing!)
    • Your daily learnings websites, project updates, etc.
  • Are we following any course?

    • No! It's your choice to follow anything and learn from anywhere! Just be consistent with it!

8. Can I share it with my friends/classmates/colleagues/workmates?

  • Yes, of course!

Happy Learning! 🎉

Maintainers : Saurabh, Himanshu,Soham

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