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A Bitcoin SSID ticker for ESP8266's written in Arduino C/C++

Using this software, your ESP8266 will connect to your wifi-network, get the current Bitcoin price (in euro, but can easily be changed to pounds or dollars) and then start an access point named '📈 1 bitcoin = € 1000,-' where 1000 is the current going rate. Then it will wait for a minute, and start over.

SSID screenshot on a phone


There are two settings at the top of the source file, namely:

const char* ssid =     "my ssid";       //This is where you put in your home network's SSID to connect to
const char* password = "my password";   //This is where you put in your home network's password

This information is required to be able to get the current Bitcoin exchange rate.


Some code has been borrowed from @nebman 's btc-ticker-esp8266.

The idea for this project came from @buzztiaan who referenced @shesek's bitcoin-ssid-ticker.

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