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Tool to check compliance with CIS Benchmarks, Specifically Distribution Independent Linux Benchmark v2.0.0, Debian Linux 9 Benchmark v1.0.1 and Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS Benchmark v2.0.1

Current version SeBAz v0.5.1

Made by Deepak

How to use SeBAz

What is SeBAz?

SeBAz is a tool to check your system's compliance with CIS Benchmarks. It automatically performs the tests and generates a CSV file for the auditor's review. It also generates an audit ready PDF document which contains information such as which tests passed (or) failed, and why so.

Why SeBAz?

Why must the auditor pick and choose systems to test for compliance when all systems can be checked for compliance with just one command!

Now get the score of ALL the systems in the organization, and review only those systems which have unusually low scores!

And if you are the system administrator in your organization, then this tool will help you find the system's score and what needs to be patched before your next audit!


  • Perform checks against CIS Benchmark recommendations

  • Lists out all the recommendations

  • Plug and Play
  • Generate an audit ready report as to which controls passed or failed

  • Spreadsheet with all the results, which can be modified after manually checking the systems

  • Generate report(s) from the modified spreadsheets

  • Logs of all the commands performed by the tool


  • SeBAz - For 64-bit systems
  • SeBAz - For 32-bit systems

How to use

Check out the How to use section of the wiki page for comprehensive instructions

How to develop

Check out the How to develop section of the wiki page for comprehensive instructions

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