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I'm deeply sry for not replying back to the open issues people have been posting about my list but due to the covid19 & the economic downturn as well as many other "bad things" going on in my life I've not had the time nor the ability to work on or keep up with my list. I am planning on resuming work on this list in Dec-2020 if things don't get worst for me.🤞 I am sry for any inconvenience.🙁

I made this list by hand to fight the ever growing Ads within Android Apps & Websites.
I hate the fact that the Internet is turning into one big billboard!!!
I started work on this list back in 2012 (everyone needs a hobby) & over the years I thought why not share it with everyone.

My message to Android Developers is:
If you want to make money💰 then make people pay for your App.
If you want to make the App free then make it free with no Ads you Greedy Pigs🐷!!!
I'm in Control of what shows up on my screen let it be on my Phone or my PC....

This AdBlock /etc/hosts file is made for Android & Linux.
With Android & Linux you can't use the wildcard character * in the /etc/hosts file for Android & Linux,
that only works in Microsoft Windows OS.
So for example *
would only work on Microsoft Windows OS.
So in Android & Linux you have to list the domain name & every subdomain name as well.🙄
As far as I know you have to be rooted on Android to be able to write to the /etc/hosts file
but if you have Root on your phone then find a root file browser app & copy over my hosts file.

You can import my list into the blokada App-> You Don't Need Root For Blokada.
Just add this URL:
to blokada & you will always get fresh updates made to the list.
Also this list should work with the DNS66 App-> but I have not tested it.

This list blocks Ads/Marketing Services, Analytics/Tracking Services as well some malicious & harmful domains.
I feel the Analytics/Tracking Services that are added into Android Apps is a big privacy problem.
With this list you can block Ads within Android Apps & On Websites.
This file is setup for both IPv4 & IPv6.
You may also use this list with
But I will be coming out with my own uBlock list soon.

This list is made from many sources.
From: The Websites I visit & the App's I use
but most of all I go out on the net looking for Ads & Trackers to block. (It's a Hobby)
I've ran 100s of app over my andorid emulator logging all network traffic.
I also handpick domain names to block that I find from other lists.
When I do find a domain name I wish to block I then find all subdomains for that domain name
by using various subdomain scanning tools and other services.
(Remember the wildcard character * only works in Microsoft Windows OS.)

Keep in mind that if you really like to watch videos on news websites, then this list may not be for you.
Some News sites like to hook Ad services into the video player code so by blocking one you break the other.🙄

Please report any issue with this list!!!
Also if you have any feedback or want to help me out & suggestion a domain name or an App for me to look into Please do so. The more feed back I get the better I can make this list.

My message to Web-Admins/Webmasters:
I hear some of you feel that blocking ads is like stealing🙄.
Grow a brain it is not stealing! & blocking ads is like putting on a condom so I don't get hit by drive-by downloads trying to install a virus/malware.
I feel if you people want to make money💰 off your website then make it private & make it a membership based website.
Just remember you are not the only game in town, if you make it hard to view content when ads are blocked I will just go find some other website to go to & never return to your website ever again.
Remember I'm in Control of what shows up on My Screen let it be on my PC or my Smart Phone....

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