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Script to enable systemd support on current Ubuntu WSL2 images from the Windows store. Tested on 18.04, 20.04 and the versionless (current) version of Ubuntu from the Windows Store. I am not responsible for broken installations, fights with your roommates and police ringing your door ;-).

*Note: I don't have the right tools to test/chagne this script at the moment. I you like to be an active maintainer, testing out PR's and updating code when necesary, please mail me (see profile).

Instructions from the snapcraft forum turned into a script. Thanks to Daniel on the Snapcraft forum!


You need git to be installed for the commands below to work. Use

sudo apt install git

to do so.

Run the script and commands

git clone
cd ubuntu-wsl2-systemd-script/
# Enter your password and wait until the script has finished

Then restart the Ubuntu shell and try running systemctl


If you don't get an error and see a list of units, the script worked.

Have fun using systemd on your Ubuntu WSL2 image. You may use and change and distribute this script in whatever way you'd like.

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