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A third-party Telegram android app.
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Async PHP client API for the telegram MTProto protocol
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Highly opinionated MTPROTO proxy for Telegram
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Async MTProto proxy for Telegram
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reverse proxy, 反向代理,免翻墙访问Youtube/twitter/Google, 支持telegram web登录。请勿将本项目用于非法用途,否则后果自负。
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Telegram client on your terminal
Shell Bot726
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:robot: Telegram bot that executes commands and sends the live output
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WARP unlock stream media one-click script. Support IPv4, IPv6 or dual-stack CloudFlare WARP network interface and Socks5 proxy . WARP 解锁流媒体一键脚本
a year ago2mitShell
One-click script to install MTProto Proxy server on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian
Alternatives To Mtproxy
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Simple MT-Proto proxy


Install dependencies, you would need common set of tools for building from source, and development packages for openssl and zlib.

On Debian/Ubuntu:

apt install git curl build-essential libssl-dev zlib1g-dev


yum install openssl-devel zlib-devel
yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

Clone the repo:

git clone
cd MTProxy

To build, simply run make, the binary will be in objs/bin/mtproto-proxy:

make && cd objs/bin

If the build has failed, you should run make clean before building it again.


  1. Obtain a secret, used to connect to telegram servers.
curl -s -o proxy-secret
  1. Obtain current telegram configuration. It can change (occasionally), so we encourage you to update it once per day.
curl -s -o proxy-multi.conf
  1. Generate a secret to be used by users to connect to your proxy.
head -c 16 /dev/urandom | xxd -ps
  1. Run mtproto-proxy:
./mtproto-proxy -u nobody -p 8888 -H 443 -S <secret> --aes-pwd proxy-secret proxy-multi.conf -M 1

... where:

  • nobody is the username. mtproto-proxy calls setuid() to drop privilegies.
  • 443 is the port, used by clients to connect to the proxy.
  • 8888 is the local port. You can use it to get statistics from mtproto-proxy. Like wget localhost:8888/stats. You can only get this stat via loopback.
  • <secret> is the secret generated at step 3. Also you can set multiple secrets: -S <secret1> -S <secret2>.
  • proxy-secret and proxy-multi.conf are obtained at steps 1 and 2.
  • 1 is the number of workers. You can increase the number of workers, if you have a powerful server.

Also feel free to check out other options using mtproto-proxy --help.

  1. Generate the link with following schema: tg://proxy?server=SERVER_NAME&port=PORT&secret=SECRET (or let the official bot generate it for you).
  2. Register your proxy with @MTProxybot on Telegram.
  3. Set received tag with arguments: -P <proxy tag>
  4. Enjoy.

Random padding

Due to some ISPs detecting MTProxy by packet sizes, random padding is added to packets if such mode is enabled.

It's only enabled for clients which request it.

Add dd prefix to secret (cafe...babe => ddcafe...babe) to enable this mode on client side.

Systemd example configuration

  1. Create systemd service file (it's standard path for the most Linux distros, but you should check it before):
nano /etc/systemd/system/MTProxy.service
  1. Edit this basic service (especially paths and params):

ExecStart=/opt/MTProxy/mtproto-proxy -u nobody -p 8888 -H 443 -S <secret> -P <proxy tag> <other params>

  1. Reload daemons:
systemctl daemon-reload
  1. Test fresh MTProxy service:
systemctl restart MTProxy.service
# Check status, it should be active
systemctl status MTProxy.service
  1. Enable it, to autostart service after reboot:
systemctl enable MTProxy.service

Docker image

Telegram is also providing official Docker image. Note: the image is outdated.

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