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Give the script a newline separated list of subnets and it will scan each subnet for live hosts then write a certain percentage (5% by default) of random live IPs from each subnet to a SampleIPs.txt.


Just needs python-libnmap

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


Run an ICMP ping sweep against all subnets in hostlist.txt, then take a 5% sample from of all the hosts that are up within each subnet and write them to SampleIPs.txt

./ -l hostlist.txt

Run an ARP ping sweep against all subnets in hostlist.txt

./ -l hostlist.txt --arpscan

Run a top 5 port scan against all subnets in hostlist.txt and collect a 5% sample of all hosts that respond with at least one port open

./ -l hostlist.txt --portscan

Create pool of 5 workers instead of the default 10

./ -l hostlist.txt -w 5

Take a 10% sample instead of the default 5% sample of hosts that are up across all subnets

./ -l hostlist.txt -p 10

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