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License Swift 4 objective-c


  • Minimum iOS Target : iOS 9.0
  • Minimum Xcode Version : Xcode 9.0
  • This Sample Project : Xcode 9.2 (Because of "Self Area")


  • This is the WebView Sample source. Both UIWebView and WKWebView can be checked together.You can also check the Swift source and Objective-C source.

  • This is the default project swift. You can also test with objective-c by adding an objective-c source inside. Public data was managed by appdelegate.swift.

  • It is easy to check the execution result of UIWebView and WKWebView.

  • An example of using objective-c in swift, and an example of using the swift source in objective-c.


Result Image

structure objective-c swift


  • AppDelegate.swift
    // Change your test URL here.
    private let urlString = ""

    // For convenience, I created it in "appdelegate". This is whether or not "URL" is selected.
    @objc var isURL:Bool = false
    @objc var url:URL? {
        return URL(string: urlString)
  • swift

    • WKWebView : SwiftWKWebViewController.swift
    • UIWebView : SwiftUIWebViewController.swift
  • objective-c

    • WKWebView : ObjectiveCWKWebViewViewController.h , .m
    • UIWebView : ObjectiveCUIWebViewViewController.h , .m
  • sample.html

Apple Link

Using Swift And Objective-C together

  • Swift
Packaging, Defines Module : YES Import "yourprojectname-Swift.h"
  • Objective-C, Bridging Header Setting

Safe Area

iPhone X Sample View 1 iPhone X Sample View 2

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