Quanta is an open-source Social Media (Fediverse) platform for wikis, micro-blogging, collaboration, publishing, secure messaging, file sharing, and video/audio sharing. Browser-based, and written in Java and TypeScript.
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Chat10,3361a day ago136September 06, 202233gpl-3.0Go
Instant messaging platform. Backend in Go. Clients: Swift iOS, Java Android, JS webapp, scriptable command line; chatbots
a day ago8mitJava
Quanta is an open-source Social Media (Fediverse) platform for wikis, micro-blogging, collaboration, publishing, secure messaging, file sharing, and video/audio sharing. Browser-based, and written in Java and TypeScript.
4 days agoagpl-3.0JavaScript
✨WebRTC - C2C - Real-time cam-2-cam video calls & screen sharing, end-to-end encrypted, to embed in any website with a simple iframe.
Element Rpm88
8 months ago14apache-2.0Shell
Providing the Element messaging desktop client packaged for the Fedora, Red Hat(IBM), and OpenSUSE families of linux desktop operating systems.
Ringcentral Js601167 days ago70August 02, 202233mitTypeScript
RingCentral Connect Platform JS SDK
5 years agoJavaScript
A collaborative live messaging platform built with RoR, PostgreSQL, and React + Redux
Socketchat Nodejs Reactjs10
3 years agoCSS
A well-developed team collaboration messaging app that makes your group communications simple. A team communication application for desktop as well as for mobile. It is a real-time, transparent teamwork app for the entire organization, providing the one place to talk and stay up-to-date with the messages.
Awesome Communication8
4 months agomit
A curated list of open source chat, communication and collaboration tools
6 years agoC#
A very simplistic messaging app that showcases how to create collaborative apps with the Realm Mobile Platform
4 years ago1C++
Superchat is a text messaging application for desktop for collaboration between up-to 50 users.
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Quanta Logo

Quanta Web Platform

A new Kind of Content Management, with Social Media support

Welcome to the Fediverse!

Quanta is a new kind of Social Media and Content Management platform, with uniquely powerful features for wikis, micro-blogging, document collaboration and publishing, secure messaging with (E2E Encryption), video/audio recording & sharing, file sharing, a podcatcher, and much more. Fediverse (Social Media) support includes both ActivityPub and Nostr Protocols.

Create hierarchically organized content that's always editable like a wiki and shared on the Fediverse and/or IPFS. Quanta is a new kind of platform with a new kind of architecture where you always have complete control of your own data.

Designed to allow a more fine-grained hierarchical approach to content management, collaborative documents, wikis, and micro-blogs, Quanta "quantizes" each piece of content into tree nodes. These nodes are the main elements of the app, similar to Facebook Posts or Twitter Tweets. Quanta has a unique and more powerful design, allowing content to be organized into larger structures of information, to create arbitrary data structures representing documents, wikis, web pages, blogs, etc.

The following test instance is open to the public, so anyone can sign up and browse the Fediverse:


How to Build/Deploy

See ./distro/README.md for details on how to build and/or run a Quanta instance.

Quanta is a browser-based SPA (Single Page App), that works on both mobile and desktop browsers.

The languages and tech stack is as follows: Java Language, SpringBoot FAT Jar with embedded Tomcat on back end, TypeScript & Bootstrap (CSS), ReactJS front end. Deployed and installed via docker (docker compose), MongoDB as the primary data store, and an option for running an IPFS Gateway.


Decentralized, Social Media, Fediverse, ActivityPub, Nostr, Mastodon/Pleroma, Web3.0, IPFS, File Sharing, MongoDB, docker, Java, Javascript, TypesScript, React, HTML+SCSS, SpringBoot, Podcasting, RSS, E2E Encryption, Secure Messaging, Blogging, Wikis, CMS, Collaboration, Full-Text search, Lucene

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