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  • Full support of mqtt3.1.1 protocol
  • Support data persistence and clustering based on MySQL
  • Support friendly secondary development, plug-in development: cluster / storage / device connection, publish subscribe authentication
  • Support tcp, websocket, SSL, WSS

Official documents

Official documents

Quick start

  1. Download release (Version above 3. X) Or clone this project
  2. Execute in the root directory:mvn -Ppackage-all -DskipTests clean install -U
  3. Configuration file for configuration response:/jmqtt-broker/resources/conf
  4. Execute the start command:java -jar jmqtt-broker-3.0.0.jar -h ${conf文件目录} -H is followed by the configuration file directory, which needs to contain And log4j2. XML

Online trial

Server address: TCP port: 1883 Websocket port: 8883 SSL port: 1884 WSS port: 8884

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