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The Top 24 Rocksdb Open Source Projects

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Tikv 6,752
Distributed transactional key-value database, originally created to complement TiDB
Pika 3,320
Pika is a nosql compatible with redis, it is developed by Qihoo's DBA and infrastructure team
Ardb 1,484
A redis protocol compatible nosql, it support multiple storage engines as backend like Google's LevelDB, Facebook's RocksDB, OpenLDAP's LMDB, PerconaFT, WiredTiger, ForestDB.
Tidis 1,002
Distributed transactional NoSQL database, Redis protocol compatible using tikv as backend
Crux 776
Open Time Store
Gorocksdb 622
gorocksdb is a Go wrapper for RocksDB
Fastonosql 616
FastoNoSQL is a crossplatform Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, ForestDB, Pika, Dynomite, KeyDB GUI management tool.
Rust Rocksdb 552
rust wrapper for rocksdb
Rocksplicator 354
RocksDB Replication
Middleware_development_learning 262
手把手教你做中间件、高性能服务器、分布式存储等(redis、memcache、nginx、大容量redis pika、rocksdb、mongodb、wiredtiger存储引擎、高性能代理中间件)二次开发、性能优化,逐步整理文档说明并配合demo指导--每周末定时更新2-3篇技术文章及程序demo--(技术交流QQ群:568892619)
Electrs 232
An efficient re-implementation of Electrum Server in Rust
Vasto 167
A distributed key-value store. On Disk. Able to grow or shrink without service interruption.
Sharkstore 165
distributed key - value persisted storage system
Kvs 157
💿 KVS: Abstract Chain Database —
Rocksdb Sharp 139
.net bindings for the rocksdb by facebook
Construct 118
This is The Construct
Rocksdb 113
Pure C++ Node.js RocksDB binding. An abstract-leveldown compliant store.
Level Rocksdb 108
A convenience package bundling levelup and rocksdb.
Srchx 107
A standalone lightweight full-text search engine built on top of blevesearch and Go with multiple storage (scorch, boltdb, leveldb, badger)
Benchmarks 98
Benchmark of open source, embedded, memory-mapped, key-value stores available from Java (JMH)
Zanredisdb 52
Yet another distributed kvstore support redis data and index. moved to:
Rethinkdb Lite 36
A RethinkDB-compatible database written in Crystal
Rocksutil 27
A c++ develop toolkit
Blackwidow 23
A library implements REDIS commands(Strings, Hashes, Lists, Sorted Sets, Sets, Keys, HyperLogLog) based on rocksdb
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