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Example source code for Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook
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Camel Cookbook Examples222
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Example source code for Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook
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Samples for Packt Publishing's Apache Karaf Cookbook
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Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook, 2nd Edition Samples

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This project contains the sample code for the Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook, 2nd Edition (Packt Publishing, TBD 2017) by Scott Cranton, Jakub Korab, and Christian Posta. The latest version of this code is available on GitHub.

This project is up to date with Apache Camel 2.20.0.

All of the examples are driven through JUnit tests, and are collectively structured as a set of Apache Maven projects. To execute them, you will need a copy of the Java 8 JDK and an Apache Maven 3 installation. Maven will download all of the appropriate project dependencies.

In order to execute all the tests, all you need to do is run:

$ mvn clean install
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