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A curated list of amazingly awesome Chef resources
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14 days ago7apache-2.0Ruby
Development repository for the apache2 cookbook
Awesome Chef134
7 years ago1
A curated list of amazingly awesome Chef resources
13 days ago10apache-2.0Ruby
Development repository for the nagios cookbook
Wp Chef90
4 years ago4HTML
Democratizing WordPress Hosting - Deployment with Vagrant and EC2 using Chef + Apache / Nginx
Gitorious Cookbooks74
10 years ago9Ruby
Cookbooks collection for being used by Gitorious and chef-solo
Wp Vagrant Project Reference43
7 years agogpl-2.0
WordPress Vagrant Projects by Provisioner
Cookbook Openstack Dashboard42
2 years agoapache-2.0CSS
Chef Cookbook - OpenStack Dashboard. Mirror of code maintained at
3 years agoapache-2.0Ruby
A set of Chef recipes for installing and configuring Apache Kafka.
2 months ago1apache-2.0Ruby
Development repository for the passenger_apache2 cookbook
Chef Collectd36
7 years ago15Ruby
Chef cookbook for collectd
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Awesome Chef Awesome

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source Chef resources. Chef is a systems and cloud infrastructure automation framework that makes it easy to deploy servers and applications to any physical, virtual, or cloud location, no matter the size of the infrastructure.

Table of Contents

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  • Chef (software) - An article in Wikipedia.
  • An Overview - by official
  • Chef Workstation - Knife, chef-repo, Chef DK etc by official
  • Chef Server - Chef server components.
  • Chef Node - How chef-client runs, run-list, node names, etc.
  • Cookbook - What is a cookbook and its components (metadata, recipe, resource, attributes, templates, etc).
  • Attribute - attibutes defined by type (default, normal, automatic), by useage (node, role, environment).
  • Resource - Chef resource which is a building block of a recipe.
  • Data Bag - Data bag and its usage.



A cookbook is the fundamental unit of configuration and policy distribution in Chef. Each cookbook defines a scenario, such as everything needed to install and configure MySQL, and then it contains all of the components that are required to support that scenario. Chef maintains a collection of cookbooks that are important to Chef and are widely used by the Chef community. - What is a cookbook?





Language Runtimes

Web Server


Loadbalancer, Cache, Proxy and Message Queue

Web Applications

Building/Installing Software

Service Discovery



File System/Storage


When you write wrapper cookbooks, use following resources. The list includes both Chef's built in resources and LWRP of community/open source cookbooks.



User Management/Authorization



Apache HTTP Server Config

Database Config/Management

Packages/Package Repositories

Service Management/Init System

Operating System Configuration

Chef for Windows

List of cookbooks and resources which supports windows.

Application Cookbooks - Language Runtime

Application Cookbooks - Software

  • iis - Microsoft Internet Information Services.
  • sql_server - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 server and client.
  • 7-zip

Resources - Files/Directories

Resources - Command Execution / Launching Software

  • batch - Chef builtin resource, manage batch script.
  • windows_auto_run - Configure an software to run at login.

Resources - Package/Software Installation

Resources - OS configuration

Resources - Application configuration

Chef handlers

A handler is used to identify situations that may arise during a chef-client run, and to then instruct the chef-client how to handle these situations, should they occur. — Handlers


  • Chef Rewind - Monkeypatch chef to edit existing resources in place.
  • Chef Sugar - Chef Sugar is a Gem & Chef Recipe that includes series of helpful sugar of the Chef core and other resources to make a cleaner, more lean recipe DSL, enforce DRY principles, and make writing Chef recipes an awesome experience!
  • Knife Spork - A workflow plugin to help many devs work with cookbooks and environments at once.
  • Knife Flip - A knife plugin to quickly move a node between environments.
  • Chef Whitelist - Simple library to enable host based rollouts of changes.
  • Poise Appenv - Helpers for application-specific envronment settings in Chef.
  • Chef-Guard - An add-on that protects your Chef server from untested and uncommitted (i.e. potentially dangerous) cookbooks.


Chef podcast

DevOps podcast


  • Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook - For systems administrators and developers this book could revolutionize your cloud and server infrastructure through automation. Packed with real world situations and practical recipes, it’s a dazzling insight into Chef.
  • Customizing Chef - Getting the Most Out of Your Infrastructure Automation. Take advantage of Chef’s highly customizable design to tackle specific automation issues that you can’t solve by simply using Chef’s tools, resources, and services out of the box.
  • Learning Chef - A Guide to Configuration Management and Automation.
  • Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef - Bring behaviour-driven development to infrastructure as code.
  • Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef, 2nd Edition - Bring Behavior-Driven Development to Infrastructure as Code.
  • Managing Windows Servers with Chef - Harness the power of Chef to automate management of Windows-based systems using hands-on examples.
  • The chef-book - People Keep Asking Me How to Start With Chef.
  • Getting started with Chef - Learn how to configure, manage and provision cloud servers with Chef by following practical examples with real world applications.


  • UsingChef Newsletter - This newsletter is intended for the Chef practitioner who uses Chef every day and wants to learn something new, make their lives easier, and stay up to date.


Contribution Guidelines

Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Please search previous suggestions before making a new one, as yours may be a duplicate.
  • Please make an individual pull request for each suggestion.
  • Use the following format: [RESOURCE](LINK) - DESCRIPTION.
  • Keep descriptions short and simple.
  • End all descriptions with a full stop/period.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • New categories, or improvements to the existing categorisation are welcome.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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