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Hides the complexity of performance and functional tests with an automation-friendly convenience wrapper. Taurus relies on JMeter, Gatling,, and Selenium WebDriver as its underlying tools. Free and open source under Apache 2.0 License.

Installation or Upgrade

Just install it using PyPi:

pip install bzt

More detailed instructions for Linux, Mac OS and Windows available here.

Getting Started

Create a file named test.yml with following contents:

- concurrency: 10
  ramp-up: 1m
  hold-for: 1m30s
  scenario: simple
    think-time: 0.75

Then run bzt test.yml. After the tool finishes, observe resulting summary stats in console log (more reporting options here). All artifact files from the run will be placed in the directory mentioned in console log. Read more on command-line tool usage here.


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