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BeardedTinker's Home Assistant configuration

Here you can find all of the configuration files from my Home Assistant installation - production enviroment. Updates are pushed whenever there is a change and I do try to work on the system as much as time allows. I wish to thank all of the Home Assistant community for being inspiration for lot of the things I did here. Where every I could I listed original authors of the code or parts of the code I used.

Want to get more info?

A lot of integrations and automations have videos on my YouTube channel - more then 250 videos as of Today, with at least 100 of them being Home Assistant How To's.

If you want to get in touch, you can always find me on Discord Server - BeardedHome.

Also, if you have time you can try and join me while streaming and there should be at 1 or 2 streams each month!


Heart of my smart home is Home Assistant running in Virtual Machine on Synology DSM920+ - DSM version 6.2.4.

Plugged in Synology is Zigbee USB CC2652RB stick from with Zigbee2mqtt firmware from Koenkk (August 5th: Still haven't updated to latest firmware).

From other devices I use, here is a list:

  • IKEA TRADFRI remote control (E1524/E1810)
  • IKEA TRADFRI ON/OFF switch (E1743)
  • IKEA TRADFRI control outlet (E1603/E1702)
  • IKEA TRADFRI various bulbs of all sizes and shapes (LED1545G12, LED1623G12, LED1650R5, LED1536G5, LED1649C5, LED1736G9)

Containers and add-ons

As I'm running this on Synology, I have mix of Docker containers and Home Assistant add-ons. Here is a list:


  • ESPHome - link
  • Samba share - link
  • Samba Backup - link
  • Studio Code Server - link
  • Terminal & SSH - link
  • Uptime Kuma - link
  • Zigbee2MQTT -link


  • VaultWarden - opens source version of BitWarden as password manager
  • Facebox - used for face recognition
  • Grafana - only used currently for Storj node status
  • InfluxDB - not active
  • MQTT - used by all Zigbee devices, some Shelly devices, printing and more
  • Node-RED - not used anymore
  • Portainer - for Docker management and monitoring
  • Prometheus - for Storj node data logging
  • Smokeping - tracking network device activity
  • Storagenode - Storj node for renting free space
  • Storj Exporter - exports statistics from node to Prometheus
  • UniFi controller - configuration and management of UniFi devices


There are too many integrations to list them all, but some of the main ones are:

  • Telegram for notifications and control
  • Zigbee2MQTT for controlling (and now also updating) my Zigbee devices
  • Google for integration with Google Assistant and various Home devices
  • Synology for Surveillence station and Synology system statistics & info
  • HACS - Home Assistant Community Store - for even more custom components and plugins
  • influxDB - storing data generated by Home Assistant
  • OctoPrint - to see what my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer is doing etc...

Following is a list of active Integrations that are visible at Configuration->Integration page:

  • AccuWeather
  • AirVisual
  • Alexa Media Player
  • Anniversaries
  • Blitzortung (HACS)
  • Certificate Expiry
  • CO2Signal
  • COVID-19
  • Discord
  • DLNA server
  • Dwains Dashboard
  • Elgato Key Light
  • EPSHome
  • Garbage collection
  • Generic camera
  • GitHub
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Cast
  • HACS
  • Home Assistant Supervisor
  • International Space Station
  • Internet Printing Protocol
  • Launch library
  • LG TV
  • Mikrotik
  • Minecraft Server
  • MJPEG IP Camera
  • Mobile App
  • Moon
  • MQTT
  • Network UPS Tool
  • Nuki
  • OpenUV
  • Radio Browser
  • Reolink
  • Season
  • Sensor Community
  • Shelly
  • Shopping List
  • SpaceX
  • SpeedTest
  • Sun
  • Synology DSM
  • Tado
  • Tile
  • Ubiquity UniFi
  • Uptime
  • Version
  • Watchan
  • Withings
  • WLED on QuinLED Dig-Uno boards
  • Xiaomi Miio

Folder structure and files

Insipred by Franck I've broken my configuration in various files.

It looks overwhelming at first, but when you get the hang of it, this structure is much easier to maintain and find something. Also disabeling parts of the integrations is just a rename away :)


Up-to-date count of various things in Home Assistant

Type Count
Alerts 4
Automations 173
Binary sensors 275
Cameras 12
Climates 4
Counters 4
Device trackers 58
Entities 2418
Groups 17
Image Processing 1
Input Boolean 19
Input Date/Time 27
Input Number 8
Input Select 8
Input Text 7
Lights 41
Lines of code (YAML) 29253
Locks 2
Media players 19
Persons 6
Plants 7
Rest commands 13
Scripts 23
Sensors 1428
Switches 101
Timers 4
Utility Meters 5
Vacuums 1
Weather 3
  • Updated: 24.06.2022 10:00 PM

Missing files

Due to privacy, security,... some files are not included as well as some folders.

Here is a list of them sorted:

Missing folders

  • www/community

Missing files

Most of the missing files now have sample version. This is edited version with "fake" information, so you are able to reuse code.

  • ip_bans.yaml - could contain IP addresses - added SAMPLE
  • secrets.yaml - contains credentials and some private infos - added SAMPLE
  • known_devices.yaml - contains indentifiers - added SAMPLE
  • customize.yaml - contains private information - added SAMPLE
  • facebox-*.yaml - contains information for face recognition - added SAMPLE
  • google_calendars.yaml - contains private information - added SAMPLE
  • telegram_gps_response_andrej.yaml - contains identifiers - added SAMPLE
  • telegram_gps_response_luka.yaml - contains identifiers
  • telegram_gps_response_mirta.yaml - contains identifiers

Also missing are certificates, json files, cookies,...

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