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Liquid Application Framework

This repository contains Liquid Application Framework documentation, useful links and sample project

New Major Version Warning
  • This is the new major version of Liquid Application Framework, launched on April/2021.
  • We've made significant breaking changes and a complete rearchitecture of our framework. So, this version isn't compatible and there is no easy conversion from the old one.
  • We decided to deprecate the old version and it will not receive any kind of updates, not even bug fixes. But, for historical purposes and to allow anyone relying on it to fork the code and maintain its own version of it, we'll keep the old repository public.

What is Liquid?

Liquid is a multi-cloud framework designed to accelerate the development of cloud-native microservices while avoiding coupling your code to specific cloud providers.

When writing Liquid applications, you stop worrying about the technology and focus on your business logic - Liquid abstracts most of the boilerplate and let you just write domain code that looks great and gets the job done.


  • Abstracts a number of services from cloud providers such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to enable you to write code that could run anywhere.
  • Brings a directed programming model that will save you time on thinking how to structure your application, allowing you to focus on writing business code.

Getting Started

To use Liquid, you create a new base ASP.Net Core application and then download and install the following nuget packages:

Liquid Application Framework Binaries Type Version
Liquid.Core mandatory Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Domain desirable Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Repository optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Cache optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Messaging optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Services optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.WebApi.Http optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.WebApi.Grpc optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Serverless optional Nuget (with prereleases)
Liquid.Tests desirable Nuget (with prereleases)

And then choose the implementation cartridges you need to your project, for example:


Some of the best ways to contribute are to try things out, file issues, and make pull-requests.

  • You can provide feedback by filing issues on GitHub. We accept issues, ideas and questions.
  • You can contribute by creating pull requests for the issues that are listed. Look for issues marked as good first issue if you are new to the project.

In any case, be sure to take a look at the contributing guide before starting.

Useful Links

Liquid Application Framework Sources

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