PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Atlassian Python Api1,0645445 days ago239May 25, 2022178apache-2.0Python
Atlassian Python REST API wrapper
Jira Ruby6211,045614 months ago44January 23, 202182mitRuby
A Ruby gem for the JIRA REST API
Php Jira Rest Client487322021 days ago137October 03, 202212otherPHP
PHP classes interact Jira with the REST API.
Node Jira Client39386767 months ago57March 08, 202233mitJavaScript
A Node.js wrapper for the Jira REST API
Node Jira379183455 years ago23September 06, 201476JavaScript
A nodejs wrapper for the JIRA REST API
Jira Connector36090633 years ago47December 18, 201929mitJavaScript
NodeJS Wrapper for the Jira REST API
9 months ago112mitPowerShell
PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA
Jira Api Restclient21953148 months ago1July 27, 201450mitPHP
Camunda Excamad217
2 months ago18gpl-3.0Vue
External camunda admin portal, which make live in multi-camunda`s environment much easy #camunda
Jira.js204172 days ago71January 09, 20239mitTypeScript
A JavaScript/TypeScript wrapper for the JIRA Cloud, Service Desk and Agile REST API
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JiraPS is a Windows PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA via a REST API, while maintaining a consistent PowerShell look and feel.

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Install JiraPS from the PowerShell Gallery! Install-Module requires PowerShellGet (included in PS v5, or download for v3/v4 via the gallery link)

# One time only install:
Install-Module JiraPS -Scope CurrentUser

# Check for updates occasionally:
Update-Module JiraPS


# To use each session:
Import-Module JiraPS
Set-JiraConfigServer 'https://YourCloud.atlassian.net'
New-JiraSession -Credential $cred

You can find the full documentation on our homepage and in the console.

# Review the help at any time!
Get-Help about_JiraPS
Get-Command -Module JiraPS
Get-Help Get-JiraIssue -Full # or any other command

For more information on how to use JiraPS, check out the Documentation.


Want to contribute to AtlassianPS? Great! We appreciate everyone who invests their time to make our modules the best they can be.

Check out our guidelines on Contributing to our modules and documentation.

Tested on

Configuration Status
Windows Powershell v3
Windows Powershell v4
Windows Powershell v5.1 Build Status
Powershell Core (latest) on Windows Build Status
Powershell Core (latest) on Ubuntu Build Status
Powershell Core (latest) on MacOS Build Status


Useful links


Hopefully this is obvious, but:

This is an open source project (under the MIT license), and all contributors are volunteers. All commands are executed at your own risk. Please have good backups before you start, because you can delete a lot of stuff if you're not careful.

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