Node Jira

A nodejs wrapper for the JIRA REST API
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Atlassian Python REST API wrapper
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A Ruby gem for the JIRA REST API
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PHP classes interact Jira with the REST API.
Node Jira Client39386767 months ago57March 08, 202233mitJavaScript
A Node.js wrapper for the Jira REST API
Node Jira379183455 years ago23September 06, 201476JavaScript
A nodejs wrapper for the JIRA REST API
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NodeJS Wrapper for the Jira REST API
9 months ago112mitPowerShell
PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA
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2 months ago18gpl-3.0Vue
External camunda admin portal, which make live in multi-camunda`s environment much easy #camunda
Jira.js204172 days ago71January 09, 20239mitTypeScript
A JavaScript/TypeScript wrapper for the JIRA Cloud, Service Desk and Agile REST API
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JavaScript JIRA API for node.js

Build Status

A node.js module, which provides an object oriented wrapper for the JIRA REST API.

This library is built to support version 2.0.alpha1 of the JIRA REST API. This library is also tested with version 2 of the JIRA REST API. It has been noted that with Jira OnDemand, 2.0.alpha1 does not work, devs should revert to 2. If this changes, please notify us.

JIRA REST API documentation can be found here


Install with the node package manager npm:

$ npm install jira


Install via git clone:

$ git clone git://
$ cd node-jira
$ npm install


Create the JIRA client

JiraApi = require('jira').JiraApi;

var jira = new JiraApi('https',, config.port, config.user, config.password, '2.0.alpha1');

Find the status of an issue

jira.findIssue(issueNumber, function(error, issue) {
    console.log('Status: ' +;

Currently there is no explicit login call necessary as each API call uses Basic Authentication to authenticate.

Get an issue remote links

Returns an array of remote links data.

jira.getRemoteLinks(issueKey, function(err, links) {
    if (!err) {
        console.log(issueKey + ' has ' + links.length + ' web links');

Create a remote link on an issue

Returns an array of remote links data.

// create a web link to a GitHub issue
var linkData = {
    "object": {
        "url" : "",
        "title": "Add getVersions and createVersion functions",
        "icon" : {
            "url16x16": ""

jira.createRemoteLink(issueKey, linkData, function (err, link) {

More information can be found by checking JIRA Developer documentation.


JiraApi options:

  • protocol<string>: Typically 'http:' or 'https:'
  • host<string>: The hostname for your jira server
  • port<int>: The port your jira server is listening on (probably 80 or 443)
  • user<string>: The username to log in with
  • password<string>: Keep it secret, keep it safe
  • Jira API Version<string>: Known to work with 2 and 2.0.alpha1
  • verbose<bool>: Log some info to the console, usually for debugging
  • strictSSL<bool>: Set to false if you have self-signed certs or something non-trustworthy
  • oauth: A dictionary of consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token and access_token_secret to be used for OAuth authentication.
  • base<string>: A base slug if your JIRA instance is not at the root of host

Implemented APIs

  • Authentication
    • HTTP
    • OAuth
  • Projects
  • Pulling a project
  • List all projects viewable to the user
  • List Components
  • List Fields
  • List Priorities
  • Versions
  • Pulling versions
  • Adding a new version
  • Pulling unresolved issues count for a specific version
  • Rapid Views
  • Find based on project name
  • Get the latest Green Hopper sprint
  • Gets attached issues
  • Issues
  • Add a new issue
  • Update an issue
  • Add watcher to an issue
  • Transition an issue
  • Pulling an issue
  • Issue linking
  • Add an issue to a sprint
  • Get a users issues (open or all)
  • List issue types
  • Search using jql * Set Max Results * Set Start-At parameter for results
  • Add a worklog
  • Delete a worklog
  • Add new estimate for worklog
  • Add a comment
  • Remote links (aka Web Links) * Create a remote link on an issue * Get all remote links of an issue
  • Transitions
  • List
  • Users
  • Search


  • Refactor currently implemented APIs to be more Object Oriented
  • Refactor to make use of built-in node.js events and classes


  • 0.9.2 Smaller fixes and features added
    • proper doRequest usage (thanks to ndamnjanovic)
    • Support for @ in usernames (thanks to ryanplasma)
    • Handling empty responses in getIssue
  • 0.9.0 Add OAuth Support and New Estimates on addWorklog (thanks to nagyv)
  • 0.8.2 Fix URL Format Issues (thanks to eduardolundgren)
  • 0.8.1 Expanding the transitions options (thanks to eduardolundgren)
  • 0.8.0 Ability to search users (thanks to eduardolundgren)
  • 0.7.2 Allows HTTP Code 204 on issue update edit (thanks to eduardolundgren)
  • 0.7.1 Check if body variable is undef (thanks to AlexCline)
  • 0.7.0 Adds list priorities, list fields, and project components (thanks to eduardolundgren)
  • 0.6.0 Comment API implemented (thanks to StevenMcD)
  • 0.5.0 Last param is now for strict SSL checking, defaults to true
  • 0.4.1 Now handing errors in the request callback (thanks mrbrookman)
  • 0.4.0 Now auto-redirecting between http and https (for both GET and POST)
  • 0.3.1 Request is broken, setting max request package at 2.15.0
  • 0.3.0 Now Gets Issues for a Rapidview/Sprint (thanks donbonifacio)
  • 0.2.0 Now allowing startAt and MaxResults to be passed to searchJira, switching to semantic versioning.
  • 0.1.0 Using Basic Auth instead of cookies, all calls unit tested, URI creation refactored
  • 0.0.6 Now linting, preparing to refactor
  • 0.0.5 JQL search now takes a list of fields
  • 0.0.4 Added jql search
  • 0.0.3 Added APIs and Docco documentation
  • 0.0.2 Initial version
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