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AntiMicroX is a graphical program used to map gamepad keys to keyboard, mouse, scripts and macros. You can use this program to control any desktop application with a gamepad on Linux🐧 and Windows 🪟.
It can be also used for generating SDL2 configuration (useful for mapping atypical gamepads to generic ones like xbox360).

We support and Wayland.


  • Mapping of gamepads/joystick buttons to:
    • keyboard buttons
    • mouse buttons and moves
    • scripts and executables
    • macros consisting of elements mentioned above
  • Assigning multiple switchable sets of mappings to gamepad.
  • Auto profiles - assign profile to active application window (not in Wayland note).

This program is currently supported under various Linux distributions.

This application is continuation of project called AntiMicro, which was later abandoned and revived by juliagoda.

Legacy repositories:

Disclaimer: Theme may depend on your system configuration.

Main Window Mapping
Calibration Advanced settings


This program is licensed under the GPL v.3. Please read the LICENSE text document included with the source code if you would like to read the terms of the license. The license can also be found online at



Just download antimicrox-X.X.X-AMD64.exe from Release site and install it.


The flatpak version is distributed on Flathub, and runs on most major Linux distributions. See instructions here: Flathub application page

If you have Flathub set up already:

flatpak install flathub io.github.antimicrox.antimicrox

❕ Flatpak package may not work correctly with wayland (Fix available here)


Download from the release site.

It is recommended to use AppImageLauncher with this package.

Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions

Download from the release site and install .deb package.


dnf install antimicrox


A package is available.

zypper install antimicrox

Arch Linux or Arch Linux based distributions:

trizen -S antimicrox


pre-built version can de downloaded from unofficial repository called chaotic-aur.

Append (one of listed mirrors) to /etc/pacman.conf:

# Brazil
Server =$repo/$arch
# Germany
Server =$repo/$arch
# USA (Cloudflare cached)
Server =$arch
# Netherlands
Server =$arch

To check signature, add keys:

sudo pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// -r 3056513887B78AEB 8A9E14A07010F7E3
sudo pacman-key --lsign-key 3056513887B78AEB
sudo pacman-key --lsign-key 8A9E14A07010F7E3

Install package

pacman -S antimicrox

Building Yourself

List of required dependencies and build instructions can be found here.

Packages status

Status of package anitmicrox:
Packaging status

And antimicro (in cases when it contains AntiMicroX)
Debian 12 package
Debian Unstable package
Ubuntu 22.04 package

Command Line

Run antimicrox --help or read man antimicrox for command-line parameters.

Commandline for flatpak In case of flatpak package AntiMicroX can be launched with command:
flatpak run io.github.antimicrox.antimicrox instead of just antimicrox
In some cases it may be good to add alias
alias antimicrox='flatpak run io.github.antimicrox.antimicrox'
fo file ~/.bashrc


Look here

Testing Under Linux

If you are having problems with antimicrox detecting a controller or detecting all axes and buttons, you should test the controller outside of antimicrox to check if the problem is with antimicrox or not. The two endorsed programs for testing gamepads outside of antimicrox are sdl-jstest (sdl2-jstest) and evtest. SDL2 utilizes evdev on Linux so performing testing with older programs that use joydev won't be as helpful since some devices behave a bit differently between the two systems. Another method also exist, which can be found here.

AntiMicroX Profiles

If you would like to send the profile you are using for your application or find something for yourself, here is the forked repository. If you want to report a bug, ask a question or share a suggestion, you can do that on the antimicrox page or on the antimicrox-profiles page.


In order to obtain support, you can post an issue here.


Any contributions into codebase are welcome.
Before coding checking our simple coding guideline is recommended.
If you are not sure about a way of fixing/implementing something you can just create draft Pull Request showing your attempt.


Translation process is handled via Weblate. If you want to help just click this link.

Translation status

Translation status

More information about translating can be found here.

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