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Examples of some of the features of Jigsaw released in the Early Access build of JDK9.

Many of the examples here are directly from the Project Jigsaw: Module System Quick-Start Guide, see but we have also contributions from the Java community.

Please note you are in the master branch which contains exercises which need to be solved by looking at documentation or resources provided in this repo. Hints may be provided within the source or script files. If you hit a roadblock and really want to see a possible solution you can switch to the exercise-solutions branch for that.

Looking at the solutions can take away the challenge behind solving the exercises. Stay on the master branch in case you would like to continue to have fun solving the exercises and working through the challenges.

Setup (all platforms)

See Download, install and verify JDK and return to this page to continue with the rest of the steps.

Download and install git or git-bash

  • Ensure you have a git client installed on your local machine/VM/vagrant box, for Windows users git-bash is recommended

Download and install the tree and wget command

See Download and install tree and wget and return to this page to continue with the rest of the steps.

Vagrant box

(Optional) Install JDK 9 compliant IDE

  • Install the latest IDE (IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans - paid or community version) that supports JDK 9 EA, once installed configure the IDE to pickup the JDK 9 EA installed in the previous steps.

See Download, install and configure Eclipse Oxygen for JDK9.

Other preparations

  • Get familiar with the command-line a bit as we will be using much of it during the weekend

  • Prepare your VMs or cloud instances with the above, in case your local machine is not up for any installation or configurations

Note: the bash files provided should work on Linux and in theory on the MacOS as well.

Windows users
  • if you use git-bash (recommended) or cgywin should work for you - run the .sh scripts in one of the the environments. In the worst case scenario, we would have to manually convert the .sh files into .bat, with minor tweaks should also work there. Happy to receive a pull request for it. Or you could use bach, a platform independent Java Shell Builder. It's usage is explained in session-3-jshell.
  • check if the literal JDK path (or %JAVA_HOME%) has been added to the PATH environment variable or add it manually
  • ensure the JDK is installed in a folder where the name does not have a space in it
  • in case folder name looks something C:\Program files..., ensure that (name does not contain spaces):
    • the path to the JDK in JAVA_HOME has C:\Program~1 instead of C:\Program files...
    • the environment variable PATH refers to the JAVA_HOME environment variable
    • the environment variable CLASSPATH refers to the JAVA_HOME environment variable
  • in some instances jlink was not yet available when JDK is installed via the .exe file, even after the above path settings were applied (please verify beforehand)
MacOSX users
  • jlink is not yet available when JDK is installed via the .dmg file (please verify beforehand)

Exercises / examples covered

Please ensure you have verified that the necessary JDK programs work in your environment with the help of the Download, install and verify JDK resource.

Each example is enclosed in a folder of its own containing bash scripts to compile, package and run the respective examples. Use these scripts for each of the examples.

Community contributions

See guidelines on how to contribute.


See License document to find out about the licensing terms and conditions.


Must reads

Other resources

I need you for Java SE 9 development

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