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Bot has been banned site-wide due to too many reports/subreddit bans. I will not create a new account as that is against Reddit TOS. It had a good run of 2 years. o7


So you came here to have your question answered...

Why does this bot reply to your imgur links?

That's because you pasted an imgur album link either in your comment or your link post that has only one picture in it.

Imgur changed their default upload location to be an album right away so they can put ads around it.

You might think: "Well hey that's not that bad right?"


On mobile this is what an album looks like:

Album on Mobile

Not only does the album obstruct most of the screen, it also takes way longer to load!

Without any ad blocking, a 408 Byte image uses 1.1 MB of data in an album. That's 2827 times the original size!

What can I do against it?

If you want mobile reddit users to have a jolly time looking at your images/gifs then you should always post the direct link.

But How?

Instructions Desktop

Right click -> copy image address Instruction gif

(Either one works)

Instructions Mobile App

Instructions mobile gif

(Obviously select "Share Direct Link")

You have been informed, have a pleasant day!


If you want to contact the creator(me) just pm /u/AUTplayed on reddit.

I sometimes check the inbox of the bot but I don't always have time for it.

If, for some reason, you want to give me money here's my paypal

Some stats (since 2017/05/18)

Detected 2250k+ single album images (out of 4200k album links)

Ignored by 6435+ users

Banned in 160+++ subreddits (I can't measure this anymore)

Stats updated on 2019/05/11

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