Become A Full Stack Web Developer

Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development
Alternatives To Become A Full Stack Web Developer
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Become A Full Stack Web Developer16,024
21 days ago41mit
Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development
React Redux Boilerplate801
5 years ago19JavaScript
Awesome React / Redux boilerplate and tutorial.
React Boilerplate176
4 years ago4CSS
React boilerplate for thenewboston tutorials.
Cehv10 Notes136
3 years ago1
:closed_book: Both personal and public notes for EC-Council's CEHv10 312-50, because its thousands of pages/slides of boredom, and a braindump to many
Reddit Clone44
8 months ago1JavaScript
:arrow_up: :arrow_down: This is a sample application for building a clone of Reddit using React and Firebase
Awesome Rails Education30
5 years ago
💎 Becoming a Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer for people who already know some developery things
Reddit Clone23
3 years ago3PHP
Reddit Clone using Laravel 5.4 / Clon de Reddit usando Laravel 5.4
React Router Lessons21
7 years ago2CSS
Source code and project files from thenewboston React-Router tutorial
React Redux Tutorial19
6 years ago1JavaScript
React and Redux tutorial with an example reddit clone
Analyzing Reddit Sentiment With Aws16
3 years agootherPython
Learn how to use Kinesis Firehose, AWS Glue, S3, and Amazon Athena by streaming and analyzing reddit comments in realtime. 100-200 level tutorial.
Alternatives To Become A Full Stack Web Developer
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100+ Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development.

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Table of Contents

  1. Start Here
  2. How to learn
  3. What is the Most Useful CS Bookmark You have
  4. Programs & Classes
  5. Learn HTML
  6. Learn CSS
  7. Learn JavaScript
  8. Learn React.js
  9. Full Stack Tutorials
  10. Learn Node.js
  11. Learn Python
  12. Learn APIs
  13. Learn Databases
  14. Learn Authentication
  15. Learn Git
  16. Games & Challenge Websites
  17. Free Programming Books
  18. Open Source Contribution Opportunities
  19. Am I Ready to be a Developer?
  20. Software Developer Success Stories
  21. Resume's, Portfolio's, LinkedIn, Interview Prep, & Salary Information

Start Here

The list below isn't meant to be exclusive, it's more so a collection of links that have helped me out along the way (and can hopefully help you). As you'll see, I've focused on JavaScript, React, and Node.js. There is also a wealth of information on interview prep and applying to jobs.

More free resources can be found on

How to Learn

What is the Single most useful CS Bookmark you have?

Programs and Classes

Learn HTML

Learn CSS

Learn JavaScript

Learn React JS

Full Stack Tutorials

Learn Node JS

Learn Python

Learn APIs

Learn Databases

Learn Authentication

Learn Git

Games and Challenge Websites

Free Programming Books

Open Source Contribution Opportunities

Am I Ready to be a Developer?

Software Developer Success Stories

Get The Job

Resume, Portfolio, LinkedIn, Interview Prep, and Salary Information

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